Caution: Some oils may cause breast growth

Caution: Some oils may cause breast growth

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Even cosmetics containing lavender or tea tree essential oils can cause breast growth in pre-adolescent boys, as many of the ingredients in these essential oils have the same effect as estrogen.

Caution: Some oils may cause breast growthIn pre-adolescent boys, this can lead to abnormal breast growth. Since 2007, it has been known that lavender and tea tree oils can cause enlargement of the mammary glands in pre-adolescent boys. In many cases, it has been documented that tea tree oil and cosmetic products containing lavender oil, e.g. shampoos or conditioners that last longer without affecting adolescence in my son experienced. At the same time, the cessations have been restored to the breast, that is, the hormone balance of the children has been restored. Professionals are cautious about the need for children to use essential oils. If you are using essential oil cosmetics and are experiencing breast growth, then immediately stop using the cleanser.
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