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Instruction Book - Part 4 The second week

Instruction Book - Part 4 The second week

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Second week in wickedness. Are you on track? Or do you have to calculate unexpected problems?

After the first week, there was a fun weekend, which was only slightly shaded by Dani's continuous runny nose. An average wet soot that can be anything. But aside from that, he was jovial, energetic, enthusiastic about picking homeopathic berries, the Schüssler's. I had every reason to believe that I had lost my head in the beginning.
Monday morning he was very determined that he would not go to the kids, stay at home. And he has done everything to make it so. He did not allow himself to be clothed, refused to get up, have breakfast, or leave. At the gate, a huge hysteria followed, with crocodile shields: "No, Mom, no, Dani's not going to the kids!" The doubts were buried here, and serious battles began in my head and in my heart. I have been forced to do something that you do not want, and as you know it, poor have no other tool. I felt like I was coming back to power, by being the bigger one. But then we parents customize the frameworks that feed their security - some psychological wisdom was born in me. But what? Their security will probably be given if you ask for something, such as wanting to stay at home, what we mean, and help. But now life is about change, change. It ends up in an idyllic state, and there will be something else to do. But at the moment, all of this seemed unavoidable: he was barking in the car and inside of the kitchen by the time they set off. I felt like I was going to recover my energy that day during this light breakfast morning. They stayed in the bar from 9 pm that day, Dani was bad at arrival and wanted to go home constantly, he muttered. Seeing this, the other little kid began to bring him different toys to console him. Balls, sand blades, miniatures. Slowly eased, he was hard-pressed to get rid of Apostle by the time he rode. Dad went in and he stopped hanging out, playing with Vali, and after that he was ready to change his mind, wash his hands and eat. But after Ebay, he ran to Dad.
Yesterday, on the seventh day, the morning started with the same resistance and hysterics, but inside, he lost a little less. The fight continued in me, I knew that we had no choice, Dani had to start wickedness, we couldn't solve it, we were happy because we hired Dani, we had a good day, we had a good start, . Meanwhile my heart was filled with anxiety and sadness. It's strange to think that from now on it will always be like this ... We get up, we spend, we hurry, we're cool and weird. Now we're chasing a wicked chick, and going to school. She sits with millions who fight the same mornings all the way. "This is life," she says, not convincing my mom, and she pours oil on the fire. At the very least, I feel like we're doing this, it's so small, it's too cool, looking out for the bus, hesitating to do things that you don't like.
In witchcraft, Dani was crying that day, often asking Dad if he was sure to come after him for lunch, and Vali always said yes, of course. Because of this, he always relaxed, and he was willing to play and co-operate. She's still eating at lunch. It is understandable that wolf-hungry, dried fruit is not as in the past, but only breakfast, if you are willing to accept in the morning, then yogurt or fruit. That afternoon, after lunch, Vali called Dad up and saw the baby carrying Dani's sign. Of course you are far from willing to comment.
The morning of the next day: rushing home, rushing in when Dad had to give Vali a second. Here Dad started to give up a little as he peeked inside and saw Dani slowly dissolve in the yard, pointing his favorite motorbike to the others, slowly calming down. He was also sure that he had slipped down the slip, even slipping with one of the little ones, and the other boy enthusiastically carrying the balls in the wheelbarrow. Another big spike that day first came in the swing, which is actually a huge wheel hanging on many people at the same time and cradling them in the middle of a caring woman.
After lunch, he said enthusiastically, "Dodou goes to sleep, too." At first he lay only on his belly with his motorbike, and when he received Süts, his sleeping crocodile, he put his head down. You should know that it is not very small. Her body is a cushion that hides a folded blanket. Deliciously soft, but they are harder to catch in a bed. Dani watched the rest of them sleep for a long time, closed his eyes, blinked big, lay in silence, but did not fall asleep, so Vali went to Dad's. Poor Vali can't tell us beforehand that the hist is only for parents, usually thinking of gagging when the door closes behind them. But aside from the hardships of the morning, Vali was pleased to note that Dan had a very happy day that day. Our happiness lasted until that very night, when Dani's grin was slowly absorbed. She was getting thicker and thinner. Just when hope shone, he became ill. The tick tick? Or, as the doctor said, was there something hidden in it during the time of the drip? Anyway, the accustomed process here has been interrupted for a couple of days, and we had no idea what it was like for Dani to heal, to start from the beginning or continue from where we left off ...


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