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Pregnant Magazine Published!

Pregnant Magazine Published!

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The newest issue of Maternity, which focuses on baby coloring, is now available. Do You Know Everything About Pregnancy Exams? Have you heard of courses ready for birth? Do you have fears? We will give you the answer to your requests.

Winners of the Voting Poll: Bernadett, Milan and Zaln

No matter where you are born. Baby-friendly hospital or clinic? Home or baby? Our stories help us navigate the Lost. And have you ever heard of a birth plan? We'll give you a complete guide on how to prepare for hospital days and one of the most important events in your life, birth.
We'll show you how to help with the baby's birth and the baby's dila. The father does not miss out on the latest issue of Maternity. To this day, many people are opposed to sleeping with their baby, breastfeeding, carrying them, specifically because of their father. Because it eliminates the duality of the mother and the baby, and guarantees coldness. Now we are proving the opposite. The father tells us why they chose the two parents, why they are making the baby, and how they were able to stay in the new role.
Caution, exclusive! Our Autumn issue is made in New York. Our model, Cathy's American maternity mother, but you can see her clothes can be bought at any time, and you can also take a look at the accolades. Finally, in our baby kitchen section, we take away the "eat instead of two" mint and give the babies a lot of fruity-fruity delicacies.
While you are reading Pregnant Mama, remember that you can write the next page. We are waiting for your stories about pregnancy, birth, baby weekdays. Send a recipe, fashionable clothes, useful baby clothes.