My husband felt that I was going to give birth to Ibolya St.Petersburg

My husband felt that I was going to give birth to Ibolya St.Petersburg

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It would have only been eight days before the date. The windows are clean, the curtains are washed, ironed, all corners of the dwelling are undamaged and cleaned. With the baby bed set, the clothes folded in, only the little newcomer was missing from the baby room.

The couple thought he was going to ask for a day off on Thursdays, that really all the little things (for example, the box cover would be covered) were in place. I've been very excited and of course, because we were expecting only our first child. He also accomplished a lack of smoothness. We went to lunch at the nearby restaurant for lunch and brought some sweets from a candy bar. As we walked home, the huh started to fall. The dullet was soon gone. It was raining tonight, though, just a little bit. Our car was parked in the street. My boy went down three times to clean his bed, saying that there would be no need to get up at night and then having to sweep with his hair. I gave him birth to think we were going to bed, it was fire in the evening. We talked in the bed for a while, and then, after the new kiss, tried to fall asleep again. My stomach tensed so terribly that week, many times I felt that even with just a little finger, it could burst. I screamed in the bed, it was not comfortable at all.Only, my baby boy just chanted, the tension ceased. Then I thought, but hey, I'll be able to sleep forever. It was barely a few seconds before I felt as if something was going on underneath. I ran out to the vice quickly. I couldn't decide what happened. I went back and gave birth to my father to either have pregnant pregnancy incontinence or have amniotic fluid flowing. Poor did not understand why I could not make a difference between the two. I told you to wait a bit and it will work out.

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After about twenty minutes I visited the toilet again and by then I was sure that the amniotic fluid was leaking. As soon as I entered the house, I turned on the lights and said that we would spend tonight in the hospital. After a quick shower, we moved our bags to the car after moving. I was a little shaken, though I knew in my head what was going to happen, this process was just coming to an end. I knew I could hold my baby in my hands tomorrow. In the car, there is 1-2 slight contractions just above the hospital. The nurses were very happy with the nurses and the doctors, even though we did not have our chosen doctor.The nurse suggested to rest for as long as we can, because cubs are very weak and rarely come, so it will probably take a long time before the baby is born. That's right, I got oxytocin in the morning after the shift to speed things up a bit. In the first two spaces I felt really good, and the contractions tightened and intensified. I was a little puzzled about what these women are dramatizing about, it's not so terribly painful, and honestly, it can even be worn on my feet. Needless to say, with the steady increase in the amount of oxytocin, my opinion changed too. In the third round, my smile wasn't quite honest when my brother asked me if I was good. And in the fourth urn, I couldn't help but smile;We agreed with the prayer beforehand, that father will be born, but whenever he feels like he has a lot, he will go out and go out. Because of oxytocin, I was also loaded with NST, so I could only lie or sleep on the bed. I have to admit that lying down to bear a headache was a terrible sensation. My boyfriend exited the hallway a few times and once complained to him that he always left me alone when he was the best. From now on, Poverty didn't dare to leave the room. In fact, a week later, she fell down because she didn't go out of the living room because she was so bad for another stone, but because she didn't bother to see my suffering.At eleven o'clock, I held myself still, I said that I do not want pain relief, anyway. Fewer hours later, I asked my boyfriend to find a baby immediately because I needed epidural anesthesia. The midwife examined me, pushing her mouth a little, that she would have to wait, because my mother's baby was not pre-emptive. Later it turned out that then at night a low-pressure front arrived, which triggered many births. Then at night six of us were born to birth, they were almost like me, the fetal water flowed, but there were no cows. He was a very loose, dude head dock, then after the introduction he started saying, "Let's just say he's very afraid of hair and now it's going to hurt ..."
- I'm not afraid. Which of these are the cobwebs better? I don't think so - I answered.
- You're right, you probably won't do any better than that. After getting it, I got the anesthetic, luckily got it first, and after ten minutes I was feeling a lot better. I rested, and I managed to fall asleep between two cubs, and my cub also calmed down a bit. At two o'clock the check-in doctor came to examine him. Looking up at the examination, he stated that we were born then. At that time, I thought he was kidding because I was too far away from my father before. We also look at each other with my brother, but the doctor did not joke, he really went to give birth to the baby. We made the room. In the meantime, the head physician of the department also appeared because the clinician was not yet a specialist and had to be monitored according to protocol. He quietly asked the caretaker what kind of parent he was going to be, noting that smooth so the baby's head is in the middle as it should be. The chief doctor looked at me, then waved his hand to point it in a textbook. At that point, I took notice of my baby and my head doctor smiled and added that we were going to have a hairy baby. At the first push, I held the pair in hand, but the next one asked me to hold on to my own foot. And by the third push, our beautiful and well-shaped little boy was born, and according to the in-person staff. From my brother's eyes, the drips were overflowing. They put it on my chest, after nine months of bleeding and sixteen hours of numbness, I was able to see our baby finally, it was a wonderful sensation. After a short while, the baby's baby took her to measure and repopulate, and then brought her baby back in her arms. He feared he wouldn't dare to grab it, because it would be so small and fragile. I think this was completely forgotten in the nursery when we put our baby in the hand, and she didn't bother to pick it up anymore. I will never forget the moment when my son and my son appeared in the door of the living room. An indescribable gaze and a touch of face could be read.We're finally family. I am deeply saddened by the fact that she was with me all the time during labor and birth, and because she did the same to our second child.Pampers Trusted Protest
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