How do you develop your baby?

How do you develop your baby?

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It is worthwhile to start communicating with the fetus during pregnancy. You're going to have your signs fixed soon.

What his mother learned in the belly, he will not forget

Research has found that babies after birth recognize you hear voices every day during the last weeks of your pregnancy, like a melody, like prose glass. Familiar voices calm the baby. Sing to a tummy tucker or talk to your bride, read or listen to music - the same thing as the first few weeks, the solving of delicious dudes and lively evenings.

He is studying

I'm the baby of a week seven it also catches your attention most of what you bought for yourself. If you hear beeps from your bed, be careful: you may be looking at the spots of light on the wall or trying to get your toe in your mouth. You are completely immersed in what you are doing - it is the most intense learning process.Never disturb me at this time, your attention will last up to ten minutes. You can observe this spontaneously when you're just lying, your pelvis is clear, you are out and close, or you feel safe.

The baby develops best in the midst of crazy games

Reads from your eyes, dude

A light baby of seven will look the longest at the faces or the main lines of the faces - eyes, mouth -. You won't realize that you're constantly watching: reads primarily from your face, since one year of age, he interprets adult mimicry very precisely. You only get confused when you say something like what you saw on your face. Rather, confirm it with your words: you see, Mom is nervous.
His speech development is also closely linked to a person, he has heard from his father, a catheter, and glass does not say anything to him, only a direct contact with an eye contact can be a source.
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