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Examinations in the pediatric clinic

Examinations in the pediatric clinic

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Already well-equipped general practitioners have the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose illnesses, so fewer children today need to be referred to a hospital for examination of their complaints.

Examinations at the pediatrician

From basic examinations (throat examination, chest examinations, infant reflex examinations) to the child's GP examinations may also be carried out in specialist medical practice.Csecsemхknйl manual examinations for movement, keeping are the same as the early development center examinations: the pinch that you find when your baby's tummy tuck is too loose or vice versa. During the examination, the clinician examines the abdomen, face and head posture in addition to the thigh.
Even with young children, hearing loss is still needed, testing of tympanumif you are experiencing flabby. Fortunately, this can also be done by your GP, so you don't need to go to a specialist surgery (unless your GP recommends it after the exam).
Urinalysis test tube, is prepared: it is most useful when small babies are looking for a good reason, because in some cases it is infectious. The baby can obtain urine from a pharmacy that can be applied to the skin by attaching a sachet to the skin.
Rapid strep test: For quick analysis of throat flashes. In case of doubt, it shows whether the child is suffering from bacterial inflammation of the throat, whether antibiotics are needed.
CRP vizsgбlat: A few drops of blood from your fingertip give you three minutes to decide if your child's fever is caused by a bacterial or viral infection. In each of these cases, you can help your doctor decide whether you have a disease that is caused by a virus, whether it is self-infecting or a bacterial infection that you need to take an antibiotic for.
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