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The story of a cesarean section

The story of a cesarean section

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Man is planning, God is doing. We get lost in our lives every time when pinch-to-pinch things or minor events fail in the way we are designed!

For example, Krisztina became an all-natural, non-intervening, born-again conceiver. Parenting is unlikely to be one of the insignificant events in our lives; however, Boldizar is a healthy, handsome little boy, and only this is what I counted on today. That unlike anything else, I will be cathartic, because I can hang out with someone who's going to be my mother's eye. Secretly, I also hoped that I could be useful in the life of the Voicemail, sometimes to hire Krisztina's mother, who had a wedding to the big day. Three weeks before the expected date, I only let him go for a long weekend just to replace him. You never know! I was born exactly three weeks earlier, too. As the days went by, we were more and more confident that tonight, the alarm was about to arrive. After all, two weeks before or even less, the baby is perfectly fine. At least that is what the Neapolitan wisdom holds.

Christina's novel

But let's not get things done, let's get to know first Szabou with Christina, since his life is not a standard one. Little girls used to pretend things didn't turn out the way they imagined them to be. He was twelve years old when his father-in-law boarded the train one day, and they didn't even die in Germany. Leaving mother, grandmother, home, schoolmates. Home school, university, first job, first love - all in the 80's. Father and come home. She was confident that missed years could be ruined, that she would find her mother again, and fortunately she wasn't disappointed, his homeland did not receive open arms.We have a hard time finding jobs, and if you are, then intrigue at work has prevented prosperity. No problem! He always invented himself, wanted an apartment, had an aerobic training, a photomodel, they were entertained and kept fit. But not only did his career start hard, he didn't even think twice. Soon they would have liked a kid too, but that didn't go easy either. Of course, Christina was not carved enough to wait for it. First he tried to solve the problem alone, and then he talked with his couple they must do something if they really want a child. And they both wanted to. He went to see the doctor, did the examinations, and the thought of artificial insemination did not distract him. In the twenty-fourth Urb, Krisztina without medical assistance. It was a hell of a lot, and the daddy seemed enthusiastic and happy. Christina can't recall the moment when everything fell apart at one time or another. "Couple" - Christina's will Boldizar not receiving the name of her bloody father - swapped a fashionable office for something he had never had before. Perhaps he also protested and rebuked everything he had done so far. We will never find out unless he applies to tell me his version! One minute to the other reversed for pregnant women and for newborns too. She took her books, her clothes, and her life out of public life. Christina kept to herself, she didn't collapse, she couldn't do it because she was carrying the baby under her heart, who meant more and more to everyone. As she approached childbirth, she became less and less desperate for her love, no hope, and she seemed to find her perfect soul.

Then we are born today…

The big day for Krisztina and her little son finally dawned on May 28th. Thursday was the last chance for the little boy to start the big one. During the past week, my mother had just moved from Ferenc to Szabolcs Street every blessed day to see the doctors and the elective team, Bruckner Ilona check what's new inside, what Boldizar is doing, if there is enough amniotic fluid, if her head is already in the pool. One Yen Professor traveled to Paris for a conference today. We also said that maybe childbirth doesn't start because Christina wants to wait for her - she was very good at her doctor, she wished she was next to her, as she knew from the "childbirth" period that she still had no organ well, for him and his couple, that little lurku will be coming soon. But if that were the case, we could have been born on Thursday, since the professor came back. On this day, in addition to his usual routine, the professor ordered a fetal examination and decided not to risk it, and further blood loss could be dangerous.

"There's nothing to look forward to!"

The usual schedule at this time is that the grandmother arrives by the morning of the morning and does the fracturing immediately. It happened that this Thursday was the last time for a baby to start on its own. However, the alarm was still missed.

There is no choice other than the beaker

Christina and her mother preceded us, even though we were there at exactly one week. We put on our dressing gowns and waited for the baby to go to the bedroom to squeeze the right mama's hand from left to right. Professor One's departure signaled that our time had come. And while we've seen that the doctor is not passionate about the press and the cast, we've learned so much about what we can expect.- A pregnant mother is seven days away from the term, so it's overloading. They are not expected anywhere else in Europe. Only in England did I see a two-week haul, I note I was really weird. In Krisztina's case, there is nothing to expect. Immature still, the baby does not look like spontaneous birth in one or two days. The baby's head is not raised, this can be accurately felt in the exam: it is floating above the pool. The baby's head cannot be moved once. He would make his own way, propelling the canal. This is not the case in the present situation. Yesterday's examination was a bit cloudy with amniotic fluid and quite a few. I just shattered a shell, we got an oxytocin infusion in an hour, and we see what happens. If the strong and regular meals don't start, then you will be a believer. Yeah I prefer to have a parent than to graduate, but there is a lot of responsibility - summarizes the conditions. - Krisztina is thirty years old and has a hard time getting this baby. Unfortunately, we can't wait any longer! - he goes, too, because patients are waiting one floor down.

This is going to work!

Inside, the living room is quiet. There is only one curiosity, but only a mumble is heard, but a pregnant mother is still far from her birth. But it would be nice for our Christ to keep you there! But he is still very alert. And hope. Excited and hopeful. You can't do anything. You decide to get up, the addictive situation, a little happy-go-letting-back speeds up the event.Of course you are thinking about birth. Let's look at the stairs, ask what it feels like. Nothing. Right now the baby is self-supporting. As if he was not so sure about it, maybe he should start again. But the gate is closed, and, though, big and strong, it's not able to open so quickly. the feathers can take up to twenty years to complete he could be born between a genius and a victory this big boy. Soon the lord will pass, back to bed. Ilona, ​​or as everyone calls her: Ica, the doll does not speak much, but with her smile and soft words she is finally comforted. Now it's your job to hook the cannula into Christina's vein. For the time being, oxytocin, the coagulant-stimulating agent, drips into the bloodstream. And miraculously, the collapses swell many times. In this case, Boldizsár's small heart beats faster. And Krisztina is already feeling some scratching inside. No doubt, these are concussions. Now, a slight frowning sign indicates that it is a pain. That's something. However, we do not expect this, we want you to suffer a little, sigh. Zsuzsa encourages her, don't hold back, she doesn't have to behave. But there is no need for it, half of your time is gone, the cappuccinos, as if they were expired, cease.The professor arrives, next to Christina, that's a bad sign. If they were just talking a couple of runs, that would mean you had hope. That sits down, it's a lot of talk. Christine is a little different from the cute one, but his soul is pretty much aware that the little boy is sitting there, and he may have he does not even enjoy the scarcity of the best mother-in-law in the world.

Birth of bold anise

She's going to the hospital with her own feet, Ica explains. They talk, we can't hear it, but Krisztina smiles. Or maybe he laughs and laughs at the same time. I'm sure the experienced puppy could say something that reassured her. In the surgery, they discuss the method of analgesia with anesthesia, and as with almost any cesarean section, they decide with spinel anesthesia. let them shake hands and feet. Also wrap around, cover your body with a screen so you don't see what's going on. He does not feel pain, only that they get something out of his body. And in the next moment he senses the slippery little body there, and hears a heavy throat. Then they wrap the hairy bean and put it on her mom's face to see and get to know her. - Bold beans 4000 grams, 53 centimeters. An advanced baby with acorns, the skin is pink. Nothing: Apgar 9/10. - This time, the facts didn't matter dr. Csaba Nбdor pediatrician with New Year's Eve.


The first hunter to come out of the bar is Golyu, the bar. "Handsome little boy," he says to his grandmother now, his voice filling the quiet corridor. - You have such a penny! - And leaving a good squeeze between his thumb and his index finger indicates he's going to be a cool man. The whistling is now gone, just laughing, and we're really looking forward to reopening the tap door, where Boldizar is now coming, in full life.Thank you to the Department of Clinical Medicine at the National Center for Cure, which has made it possible for you to prepare your reportArticles on Cuttings:
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