Success stories XXVII. Children's Day when it's raining

Success stories XXVII. Children's Day when it's raining

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At the end of May, perhaps the hardest decision is which program is not available to my users in bidding. This time, the spring monsoon abundantly exempted us from the responsibility of choice.

If you think about the options (face painting in a slouch, balloon turret, leapfrog jerk, firefighter show sharp), you might not be surprised if you chose the well-paid little one. (If the river is a little drooly, then you are right next to it, even though it is on a hillside.) I have a problem with this time, so far I have known for years that dried up, bankruptcy, and bankruptcy in Chechnya . But now?
Double curb
With the cluttered play shelves of the playgrounds, the overwhelming overproduction of the Chinese game industry, and the careful consultation of grandparents, it is almost unimaginable to double the size of a normal toddler. I say normal, but not ours.
Zsoma welcomed the whirlwind as a whole, taking it as a curiosity that he was receiving the same gift from everyone recently. (Although I once had a GDR mini barbecue once in a while, it looked like it had a hi-fi tower in the kitchen.) The little bastards made a slight bid to also with the beans that Csenge got, but we were pushed to a dead end. (Luckily, there are small units that are open in Iran too. Yeah, I know, they are sputtering, heady, and down, but now it's good.)
With two floors on the floor, a dusty (single-shoulder) mountain bike, one bike worth of rides, plus two transportable rides, there are only two kids' storage facilities missing from the bike. Whoop! For safety, with minimal comfort, we now have two children, each equipped with a paddle. (We sell with Extrab Trabant!)
Goma said after the dressing (adjusting the belt, belting a little bit, this time the canga was smiling) that he said good-bye, but he didn't seem all that secure. So her mother was reluctant to push the bike around, kid until Zsoma finally agreed to a prank. Yes, exactly, everyone's a good guess! The circle did not want to be cleared at the end.
By the end of the day, all two kids had grown up jockeys (they have a competitive spirit), and we were losing their tongue-in-cheek to the well-deserved ice. The two bikes are also crossed: Treasure and Overdose.
In a weak moment, I was buying two water guns, and I thought I'd be good for summer sprinkles. (Béla's friend doesn't think such a good person does. I think the reason for the net loss of control - even in my opinion - is the regular Slovak beer consumption. Only Ficur or Slotra!) He's gone from law, the episode where the bad bone Norman Price scares everyone with his water pistol. (Because who else could be a sample of my seedlings?) Who could resist such a ziczer? After the evening bath, I declared the bathroom as a disaster and gave birth to the bathrooms to take on extraordinary homelessness after the price went down.
Because the rivers are drawn back into the beds, but our two water guns remain.


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