How to have a holiday?

How to have a holiday?

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Now that summer is over, the end of Ovi-School, and in the case of the holidays, can be depressing at the same time: we need to feel good when we are on vacation!

In the meantime, it may be easy to become ill just then, or not sleeping in duluth, and worrying about the bigger one, and the parents sometimes feel so much better not to leave!
Some suggestions for parents and children to enjoy their time together and to remember their vacation as something they would rather not repeat.
1. It is worth slowing down. Holiday or what a lint. The children Agenda it is important, but it is worth considering whether a crooked slipper is worth the emotional surge and the nervous, tense atmosphere. I'm not saying that a kid who just goes to bed at 8 o'clock should stay calm until 11 now, just that if he gets 9 or 9, let him go - for ourselves. Instead of taking a bath, you may have to shower only in the evening or shower in the morning. A one-time difference adds some adventure to the thing because of its special nature. If your system is important, let's try to keep things small with slippers, but consider where the boundaries you don't want to go are for the whole family.
2. If the kids quarrel - let's go to dentist or justice szerepйt. From this, our children only learn that somebody wins, somebody loses, and it is not certain that he or she is missing out on the situation. We'll help a lot more, if we listen to them on and offand take back what we heard. "So you feel that there was nothing nice about Sritri taking your baby and not asking. You want to ask me first." For the other page: "Sibri, you think that since she was calling in the morning to chase the baby, she really wanted to give it to you, you just helped." Let us not stand for one another, let them make a difference between themselves. These agreements are stronger and have a more positive impact on them than the conspiracy against them (us).
3. If you sense it, you won't hear what we say, it may be worth it to confront the act. We can say that if he expects us to hear what he says, he will come to hear us himself. If that doesn't work, we can show him how sensitive he is when he ignores what we say. Nobody likes to go unnoticed if we do not respond to your needs, after we have told them their expectations, they will more easily connect the cause and the cause without causing any person to be hurt.
4. If you are in a public place when nйzetkьlцnbsйgetek your father - that is, he wants something, and you do the opposite. Or just in a different order. What can help? It is certain that logical victory will not help. Also, if you're already in the "hysterical" phase, you can't really impress. In these cases, there are two things you can do to help, one is to let it live - because it's kind of identification with the self and its senseswhen we do not bagellate a problem that has turned into unsupported behavior. I heard a louder ringing sound as I tried to guide the voice to the fact that everything that they were now sobbing at was really null and void. Acceptance (recognizing that their position may be sad in their own way, feeling that they feel it), being gracious, moving something out of focus, or distracting it - is all right.
5. If one child wants to go somewhere, the other does not. There are more options, the least popular is sighing for why you are (or more) blessed with such awkward spending. The next may be that one parent goes with one child, the other with the other. (If parents are willing to go outside for a program with one child, this variation works great, and after a while, the brothers and sisters explicitly neglect each other. If you want our kids all to do the same thing, it's worth playing them so they can decide on their own order. For example, our system works fine on a regular basis "Sorminta"when one comes first and then the other. Sometimes twice comes one, twice the other. In a strange way, just mentioning the "queue pattern" if any one of you thinks the convention will hang and the system will go back. That is why I find the commonly agreed rules to be enormously powerful, because it is much easier to comply with them. So it can be any solution - from dice to jumping - to deciding who to go with. This is a separate program. Even so, they may not want to go outside for a while, just together. Maybe for a third program?
6. There is something that should not be taken seriously. My two predisposed to two to change your mind. Please, don't ask, let's go here, but don't go, let's do this, but better. It took me a while to learn it, but I'll leave some time. For him, for me too. For her to decide, for me to count to three. Or further, when it turns out. In these cases, the purpose of the children is not usually to get a scream from their parents. They themselves are uncertain - or they are watching where their borders are. It is more fruitful for everyone not to have more sermon on the mountain after the third variation mentioned. It might be worth offering two options if you have a hard time choosing. In fact, it is also acceptable for him to come up with a third proposal, which is acceptable to the parent.
The point is, let's really try to feel good, and let's count it to three before saying something out loud.
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