4 Breastfeeding Tips You Can Release For Your BabyFrequently Asked But Why?

4 Breastfeeding Tips You Can Release For Your BabyFrequently Asked But Why?

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We are now gathering misconceptions and damaging suggestions that often lead to a drop in milk volume. Have you been told that? There is a return!

4 breastfeeding tips you can let go of your baby

You can't mix milk in the tummy!

The hospital recommended breastfeeding on demand, but when we got home, the doctor told me that at least two, but more, three people had to go through breastfeeding, especially mixing in the baby's stomach fresh milk with half digestion. My little boy is now a month old and slowly we are going to need some nutrition because they don't bring enough. She loves two blowjob he says a lot.What is the solution?The growth problem was quickly and effectively resolved when the mother returned to breastfeeding her baby on demand. Breastfeeding advice often comes with the idea that baby's stomachs need to be completely exhausted before a little breastfeeding. there is no scientific basisin fact, every day we find that many babies lose weight if we don't let them eat as much and as long as they want. Breast milk very much quickly digest it, and this is usually where we see the usual signs of breastfeeding, and the baby is kicking the pelvis. If you are breastfeeding frequently, you may have a relatively small amount of breast milk in your stomach at times, so it may be easy to become really hungry even after one hour. Newborns are also characterized by the fact that they often want to be breasted long and long.

At night, relax your stomach!

I was advised not to breastfeed my three-month-old baby at night, and to lay it out in a room, because it would soothe the night. It happened anyway. Now we can sleep soundly, and the doctor said it was good for my baby to have a rest in his stomach at night. The problem is, they have barely gained weight lately, although a couple of weeks ago everything was fine, doubling the birth weight by two and a half months. And now we're going to have a doctor suggest a dietary supplement.What is the solution?The baby is overwhelmed the rate of growth slows downwhen you double your birth weight. A baby who has been pregnant 25-30 weeks a week at 3 months or less can actually grow small, but can even conceive of normal growth. However, in such a case, it is not good to make sure that it is not caused by night-time separation. The frequency of night-time breastfeeding is greatly influenced by the mother's proximity. It can be frustrating for the baby to ask for it several times at night, and this is also an advantage in terms of milk volume and development. It's worth trying if they don't breastfeed again if they are breastfeeding again at night. The baby in our sample, for example, grew 15-18 weeks a week with her mum, he was in need of night feeds! And only in the case of breastfed, healthy infants, the stomach certainly does not need a night's rest.

Only one breast at a time!

I make every effort to have enough milk, such as drinking milk-increasing tea, and taking homeopathic medicine, and even breastfeeding one baby at a time to thoroughly empty it, two months old baby. In spite of this, they bring little. What am I supposed to do? What is the solution?Many people are afraid to start down the slope when they start breastfeeding two breasts at a time. Perhaps it comes from the premise that this is a common, but unfounded concern, that there is really a lot of milk in a baby who has one breast. In fact, all of them are good solutions if you pay attention to some important details. It is definitely advisable for the baby to thoroughly clear the first breast. By and large, for two months, he missed most 15-20 minutes of active breastfeeding A lot of babies tell themselves if they are pregnant or want to go to another breast: let go and look at them. If we try to do it with the other people at the time, it might be good to be hungry. The girl in our sample, Juli, occasionally sucked 60-80 grams more than before, so her growth increased seven decades a week, which proves she needed the other side.

Feed it less often because it is rocky!

This is what my defense said at the council two months ago. And it is a fact that my three-month-old boy was already five weeks old when he was born at 3550 grams. It was not easy to miss the usual feedings, my little boy was on hand almost all day because of this, which my waist had suffered badly. But now I feel like my milk has been very low, and Robi has brought a lot less. Interestingly, after a while, sockets switched to this, sometimes frying meal. I didn't understand why she wouldn't eat if she was hungry.What is the solution?Exclusively and on demand, breastfeeding infants can be assumed to gain as much as their constitution is normal, since it is not possible to feed the baby with breast milk. It is not advisable to deviate from having the baby control the feeding. Robi initially objected to less frequent breastfeeding, but eventually gave up. You are probably used to smaller quantities, and since you have found that it is not very worthwhile to indicate your health because you are just rocking and weaning instead of breastfeeding, you have stopped advertising. It's not that easy to fix this! If something helps, then if we listen only to his signs, and try to reassure him that only the number he indicates and the question is.Which definitely helped
  • more frequent breastfeeding practically every adandу time
  • breastfeeding at night, sleeping close to the baby
  • good breast placement that allows for effective breastfeeding
  • breastfeeding in a comfortable position
  • instead of measuring the amount of milk sucked, monitoring the growth, monitoring the condition and mood of the pee diaper and baby
  • complete elimination of the use of pacifiers, pacifiers, if needed, use glasses, small cups, Medela Soft Cup or Medela Ophthalmologist
  • gradually reducing the amount of bloating with the help of breastfeeding advice
Which certainly wouldn't help
- multiple breastfeeding breaks between breasts, breastfeeding according to the schedule;
- the baby's room indoors sleep at night;
- measuring and then supplementing the sucked quantities to a predetermined quantity;
- changing the strategy on a daily basis according to what the latest acquaintance suggested;
- expect food, drink, tea, herbal remedies without increasing breastfeeding frequency and efficacy;
- use of pacifiers, pacifiers.