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A pregnant woman was hit in the tram

A pregnant woman was hit in the tram

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In Miskolc, a little baby was hit by a stuffed tram. Fortunately, the baby had no trouble.

A pregnant woman was hit in the tram

My mother was just about to get off a blocked tram when she was thrown into the abdomen without any precaution - Pepper reported the incident. " Alexandra Szajcz to Bors. The expectant mother says that many people, approx. thirty people wanted to call the tram when it hit one of the intruders in the stomach. "It was a big eighteen-year-old schoolgirl. I was tired of getting fucked and then sent me on a warmer climate amidst crappy requests," Alexandra said, pain is gone. He doesn't feel safe on the tram, where he says he is violent not only among the young but also among the elderly.
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