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Listen to the outburst!

Listen to the outburst!

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The smaller the baby, the greater the risk of dehydration in case of dehydration. Fluid reflux is also very important.

Although feverish infants drink, suck more often, in the case of diarrhea and vomiting we fail to feed the baby orally, which may also increase vomiting. When it comes to tea, it's important to slowly, give him a sip of the liquid, gradually increasing the dose from one card to five cards every five minutes.

The smaller the baby, the greater the risk

We do not have to stop breastfeeding, and even more often, for a shorter period of time, to breast-feed the baby, so that she is primarily in need of fluid. Breastfeeding baby does not need to be tea! Breast milk is also a drug because of the immune substances it contains. A single vomiting or loose stool is not a problem, if you repeat it twice, you have to suspect consult a doctor after the third time.Is noticeable in the baby itself, but do not wait for this state: the baby is depressed, is weak, helpless, does not move, his face is pale, his skin is dry, his eyes are palpable. Fountain first warns of the need for fluid refill: Seen from the side, it looks a little homogeneous. This can happen even if you are thirsty or have not breastfeeded all night. After being "charged", its well is following the head.Other useful articles:
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