Christmas songs for kids

Christmas songs for kids

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Santa is always coming, it's worth tuning in for the holidays and singing songs for the big event.

We recommend these Santa Claus songs!The smaller the child, the greater the significance and the magic of the winter: opening the Advent calendar is a daily miracle, and between Christmas and the first day of Advent, Santa Claus also visits the children. you can raise the miracle of this period and the miracle of your bloodline. But what should we sing with the child at Mikuláš Blood? Let's see some well-known and a little less used Santa Claus song.Fall the fluffy white huh, come on dear Homepage!
All kids are waiting, their voice is loud.
You have all the good, red apples, hazelnuts in your bag,
Come to us, welcome, dear old Homepage! Great Homepage, good kid friendly.
Sugar, sugar, hazelnuts are hidden in his bag.
Going up to the morning, little shoes full.
It will fill the page if you see it open.
The following song is also popular, in addition to Weöres Sándor's poem:
The pine, green forest whispers,
This page is coming soon.
The cool reverberation stills,
The year is dead.
He winds up with cool, frost,
The shawls are selling now.
Libben is the multicolored blanket,
Hoo-brazz cool breeze.
The pine, green forest whispers,
The hoops are here.
The year is coming to an end,
The reverberant ringer rings.
Listen to it here.A last old well-known Santa Claus song:
You are here,
Huh your subboy,
His shoes,
Wink the beard,
Bag, bag, full bag,
Red apple, goldbug.
He's got two deer
Szan flown,
Round bag
Half of him took her.
Bag, bag, full bag,
Red apple, gold. Of course, there are other Santa Claus songs too, we have these favorites: Vilmos Gryllus Nutt's Santa Claus, you can hear it here, the letter is to the Santa Claus. song, Hello, We wish everyone excited Santa Claus!Related articles in Mikulabs:
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