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New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve

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Everyone tells the big world that they are expecting a baby. Now Sarolta tells the story.

THE miracle Starting half a year ago, we collected all our possessions and furniture, and then we set out for the big world. We ended up in England, where at first, of course, nothing was simple, but over time we found our place in the island. We fit in, locate, get a sub and get a right-hand drive.
It took us half a year to get to the midwife could come. We talk about it every day, every day we play with the idea of ​​what will happen once our baby is born and born. A good couple of months passed in the Joyful Beat, where nothing changed, but we were not depressed, we waited patiently. Slowly, my dear's birthday was approaching, and by then I was wondering what the gift would be. Few days passed and after a sleepless night, but I did the pregnancy test. He became positive! Then I had a couple of days until the big event, so I skimmed the test and hid the memory card that the photo was on. I organized the surprise party with great excitement and kept smiling throughout. I called the friends who helped me with the construction, but of course they didn't know anything about the baby either. I got a gift box that included a pair of baby booties, a postcard, and a photo of a positive test result. Everyone was very curious about what the box was, but the secret remained a secret even though the would-be dad didn't go home. The first surprise was that we had a table spread out with friends. Then, as we came to appreciate it, the expansion of the offerings came. My box box was the first one I got. - You can't have shoes because I have a bigger foot! he said, then opened the box and looked at me with narrow eyes. It wasn't really a secret, as we talked about it every day, but he still didn't know that our minds were over.
Alföldi Sarolta