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That's why more boys than girls are born

That's why more boys than girls are born

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Every year there are more boys than so many girls - read on And it is true not only for England or Wales, but also for our country. What is the reason of this?

Why are more boys than girls born?In 2017, in England and Wales, 17,000 more boys were born than girls, so that's about 180 years in the Island. In India and in China, the proportion of boys is still higher. This tendency can also be observed in Hungary: every year 2-3 thousand more boys are born than any girl. The phenomenon is usually explained by more. According to one possible explanation, there are evolutionary reasons behind it. According to this, in order to have a gender balance in adulthood, more boys need to be born because their son has a higher risk of premature deaths, even in childhood, accidents, simply because they are more risky.
"At all ages, almost all times and places, a man dies at a higher rate than a woman," he says. David Steinsaltz Professor, an associate professor at the University of Oxford. Women live longer, so as time goes by, the proportion of women increases with men.
There are studies that suggest that during seasons of war and conflict, more boys will be conceived, even though parents will have a more stressful life. Of course, the fact that a boy or girl conceives depends on many factors, including the age of the parents, the ovulation cycle, stress, eating, but also the sexual posture. Popular, though, it is scientifically unconvinced that a child near to ovulation will be born.
There is also an explanation that early miscarriage occurs more when a pregnant woman is expecting a baby than a boy. However, according to other researches, the mortality rate in boys is higher. So far, there is no unambiguous scientific explanation for why more boys than girls are born (via
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