Nobody said it was going to be that difficult

Nobody said it was going to be that difficult

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As much as you are ready, pregnancy, childbirth, does not turn out the way you plan. Occasionally, the baby's caring responsibilities can be slipped by "failures" that cannot be addressed in advance.

Nobody said it would be that difficult (Fotу: Europress)

One of the most beautiful, exciting times of your life is baby boom. At least you can read the most about it. In the first few months, the first few months may well disappear. Because there are few cases where problems can happen, fortunately not too often. Moms talk about the difficulties of baby-baby care and care.

"Why are you allowing this?"

The 32-year-old Бgi She remembers her pregnancy, her birth conditions, and her first few weeks: "Because of the lying cushion, I couldn't move for about 32 weeks, but the problem passed away by myself. after buttering with cesarean section. Even while in the hospital, I was put in an incubator, my milk started just days later, which made me crazy, I blamed myself, I'm sure the mistake, I am unfit for maternity. However, I didn't even realize that her difficulty was coming until this time. The baby was three weeks old when it appeared that she was crying in some poses, almost screaming, as it turned out, from intense pain. I rushed him to the doctor, finding that he was sick of what his father probably was. At two months old, the mud was so protruding that we had to be taken to the hospital. A doctor appeared with a hand as big as a child's body, and began to return to the grave. Dan screamed, looking between me and his father as if he were asking me to let him in. It was terrible, he didn't help, and after a few days the bulge was out. We weren't able to know this cake until six months later, so we went to the early stages every now and then. We haven't read what we want to say, after all I know that the anesthesia of babies younger than three months is extremely risky. The surgery was done, luckily for Daniel, his pains diminished. We began to stop when he started another cake: at six o'clock every night, the kid was yelling like a penny. Probably, the baby's rabbit, struggling with an underdeveloped gastrointestinal tract, may have been the cause of the problem. I gave her drops in vain, nothing helped, five or six urine bristles a day perplexed, and so was her. And of course, I blamed myself. Then I was given a baby handbag from my friends, and I put the baby as last as possible. hasfбjбsa ceased, she began to sleep longer and longer with me. I recommend the cloth to everyone, a blessing against the stomach! About six hours later, the six urns disappeared sнrбsok"From then on, our lives calmed down," she said of the beginning.

I wouldn't do it all the time

The 37 years Vera his ordeals are not weekly. "Balzs was born by week 37, we'll find that normal way. Since the baby was in the birth canal when his heart rate began to plummet, he was crippling and didn't have the time to feel alone. three times a wrapped around a cord, in many places, badly broken. Of course, that was easy, I thought it couldn't get any worse. Bazi was three when she was yelled at feeders. I suspected that the problem may have to do with eating, though I paid much attention to eating. If she was hungry, she cried, if she ate, she cried. I do not fire, but there was a day when the child cried at 16-18, of course, with the inertia. Even three months ago, gastroenterologists found the source of the problem. The enzymes in the milk did not develop, so it was sputum puffin every breastfeeding. Although it did not provide a complete solution, it was a great help to the ventricle, which helped me to release the air that caused the seizures after the feedings, at the end of the diet. The wheezing did not go away, but at least it became much less. After the sixth month we began to notice the improvement, and from now on there was no need to strain the child every time. THE I did not stop breastfeeding, although we have suggested this to you. It was the longest half of our lives, so I felt I wouldn't be able to do it again, "Vera recalls.

I was not able to let him nap

Noйmi (38) is not a weekday. "I really enjoyed my pregnancy, I loved being a pregnant woman. Last month - I don't even know what was going on, it was only possible to tell - that the baby was in position to put a lot of pressure on the left hips, barely knew. It was no better if I was sitting, waking up to pain many times at night. And then at week 38, she was born with cesarean, the pain was gone immediately. He was a year old and I was always breastfeeding at night. The quiet nights were when you had to go to it only once, but the more typical was the three-times. I still thought I was doing something wrong, I called the wise council, i advised me to let the baby cry, after a few days get used to it and it will not wake up. After two nights I was not able to use this drastic method. My husband was at work, waking up in the morning with circular eyes, so all was left. She was ages when I was completely exhausted.A friend told me to give her kids homeopathy pills to sleep better. The conical method did not work, but I gave the mild medicine a chance and took Virgo to a homeopathy specialist. Filled two times in the order, the doctor asked for the smallest details, based on the data, suggested a composition that, in his opinion, restores the internal balance, " As if a miracle had happened, from the tenth day, Virgins had passed over the nights, and the next day, the eczema that had not responded until now, had finally passed away, "says Noomi in the first year.

All right when it's over

The characters in our stories have still shared something with us. She told me that although they were all very worried about the first three months, Danny's smile was ruining everything. And after three years, bad memories have really come to life. Vera vividly remembers for a difficult time, says it's something you can't forget. Mйgis split цrцmteli hнrt at velьnk when gцmbцlyцdх pointing pocakjбra said that Balбzs цcsikйjйt oktуber vйgйre vбrjбk.Noйmi kislбnya, Virбg kйtйvesen was bцlcsis the gondozуnхk йrte I was gone, because we had divided the kцzьl х legkiegyensъlyozottabb kisgyerek.A kismamбk tцrtйneteit not elrettentх pйldakйnt , but just to let you know that if your baby is not "acting like a book," you're not alone. It is important that you do not blame yourself or worry about extraordinary thoughts, because it is not true that the problems stem from not being a good mom. the solution. And what is most rewarding in history is that moms have faced any seemingly unsolvable problem, and the happy end is not missed.Related articles:
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