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That will be the birth when you are expecting twins

That will be the birth when you are expecting twins

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Anybody else is born, even if you're pregnant with twins. Anyway, it's good if you know what you can count on. Here is a brief little summary.

Twin pregnancy: what to expect in childbirth?

You will probably be born in a hospital

Because twin pregnancies have a higher chance of complications, your doctor will recommend a hospital nurse. They are also among them because they will also be able to handle medical equipment in the event of an emergency or needing further dressing. It is conceivable that, while you are replenishing your need in the nursing home, you will be moved to the operating stage. That's why if you ask the hospital beforehand how it works, where and how the birth is done.

Many more eyes will be on you

When a baby-baby baby is attached to a tummy tongue on the tummy, a minimum of two will be caught. This allows the doctor and the baby to observe how the babies react to the concussions. You may have internal control of the fetal tone at the beginning of the onset, but may later be switched to an external examination, which will make it difficult for you to move because you will be tied to a machine. However, this is absolutely necessary for the safety of your three.

Birthing may be faster

Does it take twice as long to give birth to twins? Not necessarily. Often it can be faster. If you are born naturally, you will probably get to the exit stage sooner.

But it is also possible that the birth will be longer

When two babies grow up in your tummy, your baby may become so full that it will block the contractions. If this is the case, you can imagine that you will go slowerwhich prolongs the process of birth.

More than currency, you're going to get an epidural

There are doctors who make the pain of twin babies almost obligatory. Epidural insensitivity makes it easier and safer to deliver, especially if it is suddenly overwhelmed. If you want to avoid the epidural, talk to your doctor first.

The nursery will be full

Sure you won't get bored. Beyond the babysitter, the baby, the doctors (there must be two doctors in the twin birth) and the baby, both babies and babies will carry the baby out.

As soon as the first baby arrives, the second baby will arrive almost immediately

If you are born on the vagina and everything goes smoothly, the first baby it will only take 10-30 minutes to prevent it the second tip. Most moms report that they really don't feel the second child's fullness, everything goes so fast.You may also be interested in these articles:
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