How to console?

How to console?

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Every child is affected by minor accidents; bruises, wounds, bruises are almost part of family life. Like consolation ... But how do we do it?

When the baby begins to discover the world, parents should not be prepared to make minor accidents and falls. Toddlers and high schoolers can scrub their knees, palms, elbows, get blue-green-purple patches, and these will often be painful results. How can we console the book in such cases?

How to console?

There is no general recipe

Every child, and so on, has to find out what solution works for us - suggested by psychologist Widow Evans. For toddlers, the Sickness Expression Method; the most important thing is for the parent to understand, find the cause and solve the situation. It may then divert your child's attention. It's best to play around with the problem with a little playful "magic" - bringing our childhood lust. It is good if the mother can be a little child, the expert remarked. As with all consolation of the golden mean, the psychologist said. If the parent is frightened, the child will be even more frightened, so it is important to stay calm, if possible. Do not overreact to the situation, but if the child is crying or asking for your attention, you should definitely answer the call. You shouldn't ignore your needs, even if you see just a little bruise or more: he may have been frightened, or he may be very sorry for him, even though there is no serious foreign sign. Let's support the little one, understand it, react to the events. Let's see what happened, console the child, only this time we will step away, that is, divert your attention before you might get involved in the hysteria.

It must be investigated

But how do we console? This is what we need to experience for ourselves: what becomes of our child. We can give you a healing or magic kiss, take it for granted, say we can help your granddaughter… we can give you an idea if we know what your kid likes, ”said Daddy Chassin. For example, if you really need touching, hitting and hiring can be good tactics. Smaller accidents can be an opportunity for people over a certain age to understand the cause and effect relationship, which is why they should not. However, do not do this in an educated style, but talk a little about being a partner. However, there are children who are really upset with this kind of wisdom, and in some cases it can be effective if we return to the subject when everyone is completely relaxed, for example, when discussing wound healing the next day.

Listen to the kid!

Naturally, the reaction of the parent always depends on the child. Let's examine the situation and how the small one behaves and comfort them accordingly. the specialist warned. For some children, the small bruises do not fall, they jump up, and they go on - the parents do not need to intervene. If the child does not respond to what seems to be a major fall, the parent does not have to worry about it - of course, there are less serious accidents, no brainstorming, even loss of life. Even so, we try to reassure the child that the wound looks poor but is not so bad, and the doctor will help her. It is very important that we always tell the little ones in advance what will happen to them, counting on the great father of Chisinau, Broad. The children have a great imagination and can imagine anything in unfamiliar situations, which further increases their anxiety. In imagination - just as in fairy tales - anything can be reversed. In childhood, no distinction should be made between boys and girls, the psychologist added. When the child cries, let us understand and comfort him - without any regard for gender.
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