I received it on a daily basis

I received it on a daily basis

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Sometimes, after birth, things don't turn out the way they were imagined. Our readers had to wait a long time to grab their baby.

I received it every day

The doctor examined it and stated that if the baby did not come down by the time he was done with another cup, I would be bloody. The doctor did the surgery. Examination followed. Baby, baby nowhere - csбszбrmetszйs!!! I wasn't worried or afraid. I knew there was no other solution. My child was a lifetime survivor! I suffer a thousand times more than I do! The operation is done, all right, quietly, at noon. When it was strange silence, I asked the anesthetic if I had lifted the baby up because I hadn't heard her cry. He said yes, but he was taken to the pediatrician for examination. Then we showed it, but unfortunately I couldn't even give him a kiss because I was sorry for herpes. It was found that they had taken me to the Early Childhood Department because they had suffered from the bridle. My poor mum was like being washed all day for 41 weeks.
I just got it back on a weekday !!! The worst sensation was that I couldn't hold it in my arms and was not with me. I was under myself, very much. But I got it back, and that was the point.
Kármmndi Henrietta
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