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How's your school?

How's your school?

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What kind of bag should we choose for the child? What aspects should we consider? It is an important request and not difficult to answer.

How's your school?

The request for schoolbags largely depends on how we think of a year-old child. We need a first grader like a high school student, but let's stay small. Personally, let's go to the shop with the kid, check it out, check it out, and we'll take a look at the selected item. Neither the sideburns nor the aftermath are healthy. Your good school ergonomic design, strong material, spongy back, rigid bottom. It does not slip, it can be adjusted to fit the size of the child. At school, you don't play into that attitude. The spine has to hold and it is very important that it fits on the child's back. It doesn't matter if it is lйgбteresztх made of material that prevents the child from sweating in the wearer.It is important to cover the larger books, pamphlets. Include smaller compartments. Do not choose one that can be packed in one place, have pockets inside and out. The school bag should be waterproof and strapabнrу. Reflective hooks can also be important. It is also worth considering how much your child will carry: both weight and time. If we bring you back to school by car, you won't have to spend too much time on it. If you go to a school where you keep your books, you don't have to worry about weight. Otherwise, if your child comes to public transport, and on a daily basis brings heavy books should not be regretted by a more expensive and better quality piece.According to experts, the weight is not the big weight. How heavy a book is on a particular child is harder to ask, it also depends on how strong your back muscles are and, of course, how big your body is. she should like it too. Involve in the choice of school, not from an aesthetic point of view.
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