That's why we lose junk food

That's why we lose junk food

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What role do supermarkets play in buying unhealthy foods? And how do we counteract hacking?

That's why we lose junk foodAccording to experts Egйszsйgьgyi йlelmiszerboltoknak much tцbbet kйne tenniьk against elhнzбs йs its йrdekйben to egйszsйges йlelmiszereket vбsбroljunk.Valamivel tцbb hбrombуl as a man egйszsйgtelen йteleket vбsбrol azйrt because this йlelmiszerboltok цsztцnzik хket the kьlцnleges ajбnlatukkal - бllapнtja a BBC online jelentйs.A According to his release, these aspects are worth paying attention to when buying and avoiding being tempted to buy a product that is not wholesome. For example, Let's start with food, so when it comes to sweets, our conscience is already at ease, because we're losing fruit, so it's easier to lose something sugary. However, basic products such as bread, eggs or dairy products can be found at the end of the line, so you have to go there anyway, and a lot of the offer is bombarded. We are not surprised to target not only adults but children as well, and we are all aware of the variety of healthy foods that are placed at eye level.

Our biggest opposition is the offer

Special offers are very disappointing and many are disappointed: according to a researcher (Cancer Research UK), those who buy 40 percent of the offers are more likely to be expensive. And those who love casual shopping 30 percent less fruit and 25 percent less green.

How does a supermarket look like?

Just like keeping healthy foods in mind, encouraging customers to eat healthily. Нme:
  • junk foods should not be at eye level or in the wallet
  • if they promote sugary drinks, they should also promote healthy ones
  • larger areas of healthy food
  • make it clear (eg with some markings) what healthy foods are
  • free fruits you can buy hungry lingerie purchases
  • have discounts for healthier products

What can we do, customers?

  • Add a reminder to our shopping list to buy healthy food
The BBC Trust Me I'm A Doctor series has been watching for 6 weeks about what happens when we warn ourselves about eating healthy food. The result: 8 percent more fruits and vegetables were sold in the business they were studying.
  • Leave enough space for the fruit in the shopping cart. We should be conscious of this.
  • We all buy fruit and green before we buy.
  • Carefully consider special offers
  • Make and keep a meal plan (that is, decide in advance what we will cook, eat and buy accordingly)
  • Don't buy badly


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