Inspiration: Creative Easter Doors

Inspiration: Creative Easter Doors

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What is your really good, tonight's door? Patterns of eggs, chicks, flowers or bunnies? Are we color or pastel shades? We have compared a couple of inspired - some daring - door decorations.

With a little sanity, you can make your home cozy

Most mothers buy or finish the doorstep at the first step of Easter preparation. So, weeks before the holiday, the door awakens with a fresh spring and Easter mood when the family returns. A nice doorway will make the family bun more cozy, especially if you made it yourself with the help of the kids.1. With the help of an old picture frame, a couple of pastel colored eggs and alcoholic felt, you can make such a restrained, beautiful door.


2. Thread a wreath found in a hobby shop with a yarn - you will find an interesting effective spring door.


3. Not just the table, the garden, or the window, the good blossom shows


4. Umbrellas, as a living man has probably not used. Surprised, but good.

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5. Plastic and styrofoam eggs are available in hobby shops and are decorated and decorated with ribbons that look good on the door.


6. Still Eggs… Colored, thick paper or decoction eggs and ornamented with garland or combined with chicks. Simple, cheerful and "really cool".

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7. It is also possible to make a spring, easter door from Twig.


8. Old picture frame, flowers and cloth (hang on hanger) - that's all you need.


9. With the help of two different size wreaths you can easily create a bunny on the door.

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