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Tricks on the lighter diaper

Tricks on the lighter diaper

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Sooner or later, the quietest baby will come to the point that everything will be more interesting to you in the diaper: they can cry, move, and even try to flee. Here are some tips to make changing your diaper easier!

Tricks on the lighter diaper

Time for the two

Think of your diapering moments as a great opportunity to get closer to your baby and strengthen your rope between the two! In addition to diapers, you are also perfectly positioned for this: you can lean over each other, you can see each other in the eye - and there are a few minutes more than once a day when you can only look at each other!

Get to know your baby better

Not only do you know what you like or dislike (eg how you wear it when tickled or massaged), you can also notice if something is wrong with it or you need to pay extra attention to it. Diapering can be easier if you look at it as an activity that is essential to your baby's health

The routine provides security

Regular diapers, identical items and movements give the baby safety, as they provide a stable point for days of excitement and excitement. The gentle touch and attention of parents is also very important to keep the little one balanced! Be it a play, a song, or a song that you only "take" in the diaper. These can be like calming maggots.

The baby learns a lot

Babies learn everything, not just diapering: for example, during these moments, you can look at yourself or experience your own movements without being limited by the clothes. In addition, it can focus entirely on you, your voice, what you say and how you say it - which helps you understand your speech. If you help with this learning process, for example, letting go of it, talking about it, or exercising may make it easier to wear diapers.


Not only are you allowed to change diapers at the time, but you almost have to work: singing, tickling, playing. "Plug in" the pelvis, wiggle the clothes, pretend the baby's foot microphone. Voyeurism is a tireless favorite!


Make some (or more) interesting items or toys that you can only get during baby diapers. If you can engage yourself with something, you are less likely to run, mumble, or resist. You might want an old, non-functioning cell phone, a baby doll, a set of keys, or a soft picture book.

You can also diaper

If your baby is a little older and your pelus is just pissy, a panty diaper can do a good job of helping you swaddle up quickly. (Via)Also worth reading:


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