Breastfeeding or baby bottle? Magбnьgy!

Breastfeeding or baby bottle? Magбnьgy!

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"Before you kill a man, come to the moccasins on three moons!" suggests the Indian proverb. Let's learn from this. We also have to accept each other and ourselves.

Szoptatбs? Magбnьgy!

Can all women breastfeed?

- Just as Junas was born, she was breastfeeding in the living room - she remembers Bцbe.- There was no question as to whether I wanted to breastfeed ... One year later, I found a nipple in my breast. Rбk. Medical treatment, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. I just had to remove one of my breasts.
Misa was born three years later. It's a miracle, my crap went. Breastfeeding with one breast, I couldn't even think of many drugs. I learned the power of glass nutrition. Which tбpszer it is most appropriate what little hole cum I give to satisfy my suckling need, and try to overdo it. Always the I took it in the arm, when I was feeding it from the glass, even when it could catch it alone.
When I was cooking, stirring, chilling the formula at night, I wondered what it was like to say that the mummy kйnyelmessйgthey do not want to breastfeed. What's so nice about this? Billing, reposting, washing, sterilizing, feeding and feeding baby bottles and baby dishes? Getting out is not that simple: depending on how long we go, we can start with more or less baby bottles, a thermos, and a diet supplement.
The worst, though, is the lot lesajnбlу the look my dear mothers have on me. What a crime you have done to your baby for not breastfeeding! Wherever I go, the benefits of breastfeeding are enlightened everywhere. All women can breastfeed - they give up when I open my mouth to birth. What to do? Shut up my pussy as a breastfeeding mother and show her breast hidden in her breast? I know my case is unique, rare. Indeed, most women only need encouragement and professional help if they have difficulties in breastfeeding. But not everyone gets it, and everyone does not want to spend as much if it is not easy. Therefore, no one should be considered a bad mother.

Huge turnaround

- When I was pregnant with my first child, I decided to breastfeed, but after my baby was born, kьszkцdtьnkthat the help of professionals and my best intent has never gone wrong - he tells Edina.
- All the cries of sobbing and crying out for both of us. Gyыlцltem. My son, who was a decent man, was a real head of the tree, and he said that if he could breastfeed, he would do better, and he said that the one who came to visit for a day would be thoroughly suppressed. The baby and I did not get dûlõ so I ended up messing with myself and I was not willing continue to breastfeed. We both calmed down as we switched to glass.
When my second child was born, I felt completely different. Х adored suckling, and I tried to suckle. A round pretzel rejected the glass, and I drove everyone who was afraid of it. The result is a 180 degree turn. Every baby and every situation is different. You have to decide how you can be a good mom to your baby.

Are you sure we made the decision?

- It's a difficult request. Today, so much influences! I was six when my son was I went back to work - will get in the way Klбri. - I decided milked I'm going to have enough breast milk in the sun, and I wanted to breastfeed somewhere else. But my son refused to accept anything besides his mom's tits. The worst part was when you moved from the Old and the Desperate Week to Urn - but did not accept the glass. I stayed home with him.
My son is happy and healthy. But we raised our reserves so I could stay home. Was that the right decision? Who knows? Our friends, who have grown up and fled their children, have found themselves faithful. My former colleagues who saw the working female sample book in me consider me an outlier. I just did what I thought was right for my family (we don't need much happiness). I don't feel like a hero or a stupid one, but I'm very confused, so many saints! Maybe you should have chosen the glass ... Just the right decision for you.

We are so good!

- Everybody thought it was natural for me to breastfeed, from my husband to my family - he tells Gabi. - Even strangers who stopped me to find out how much time I have until my birth. It was very difficult because I didn't want to breastfeed, and made me feel like I'm a monster. It was a very difficult time in my life and it caused tough battles for my brother and me. He was very grieved that I did not want to feed his child, and he tried to manipulate every one of them in order to do so. It caused me even more pain and insecurity. First and foremost, he felt that he felt it was directed against him. But this was nothing for me, except for myself.
Among others, I couldn't imagine breastfeeding in public. I'm a very closed-minded person, and the realization that I had to do such an intimate thing made me feel very uncomfortable. However, it was not just my distress. I didn't want to be that much of a servant. It is very difficult to live with the knowledge that you are the only food source for your child.
Until then, I felt like there was so much to do I resigned - with so many hopes, hopes, plans, and had to give up my goals when I realized I was pregnant - I didn't want more. Finally, I decided to breastfeed. After I read everything about pediatric diseases and immunity. I had all sorts of mischief in my childhood, and I hoped that I could give you something in my defense until you got the immunity. But after my daughter accepted the baby bottle two weeks, she is certain szabadsбgI also enjoyed it. I'm eating mixed now. And we're not so!