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Postpartum depression does not bother the abbot either

Postpartum depression does not bother the abbot either

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Before your baby's blues are blown away by the first couple of weeks you spend with your baby, make sure your couple is just as happy to have a baby as you are.

Postpartum depression does not bother the father (photo: Europress)

After giving birth, your life has turned 180 degrees, but most of the time, nothing has changed: going to work in the morning, going home to duluth, getting to know a little, playing with baby, having dinner, then going to bed the next day. You don't feel the problem with it, the bomb explodes in a couple of months: the house is out loud, or worse, turns out to be that particular third party ... your child is the last to be depressed after childbirth.

Stronger ones are not uncommon

"Men's Postpartum Depression Is Totally Other Than Women" - concludes dr. Fehér Gabriella pszicholуgus. "In the case of mothers, inertia and distress are predominant, while stress, anxiety, on top, he was the first in the eyes of his couple. But a baby will upset this "order" and he will be the most important, to serve him all. This changed life situation is even harder for men who are kind of mother-in-law.

There's a lot of gibberish

Although most of the tasks outside of the baby fall into the mother's neck, the life of the dads also changes with the arrival of the New Year. At night they also wake up to baby milking, so they often get tired of entering their workplaces, and when they come home after 8 to 12 hours, they just push the baby in their hands to finish it off. The biggest problem, after all, is the sudden decline in sexuality. "After childbirth, sexual desire is severely diminished, many have pain and hormone playback. This sexually passive period is often delayed for many years, but men are expressively ill". third party "- explains the expert.

Honest communication

The depressive symptoms are only exacerbated by the fact that the average man is not exactly a man of words, though open conversations can help prevent more serious frustrations. "Many people are difficult to talk to about their senses and rarely complain about it, even though the real solution would be for the couple to discuss their problems thoroughly. If you can't solve problems at home, any choice "- advises dr. Fehér Gabriella.
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