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What kind of housework can a child involve?

What kind of housework can a child involve?

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What can a two-wheeler help? What about one more? Do we even involve the child in our household or is it not his job? Are there any gemstones for doing off-the-shelf activities or do you trust the child what he or she wants?

What kind of housework can a child involve?

First and foremost, it is good for the parent to clarify that he or she thinks it is high time for the three-year-old to brush his / her teeth, move his / her toys, and pack his or her toys. Because he's gonna be a good person like that? Should we leave it messy? Or because you have to learn what your obligation is? Or because it takes off (two) loads more from your parents' shoulders? Or because in kindergarten we'll expect it? Kids are known to be much more like role models than words. That is, we can explain to them that it is okay to steal their games after they have finished playing, if they find that their environment, their home has a lot of new and disturbing names, for example, it is effective if it is authentic: if the child thinks that the family members are doing their homework together, helping each other out, it is perfectly evident that everyone is taking part in the common tasks, then they will also be involved in these activities. And you'll be happy to test what you're capable of. Not the work will be the essential, but not even the part of the task, but the common, joyful activity that you will be willing to join in. we scold you for being innocent because you poured the water out of your jug, you can make sure that you are not in the mood to be saddened or in a similar situation. Assuming curiosity, curiosity, and self-determination - a harder question: there can be great individual differences between children. Just as there are teenagers who are cycling loosely on bicycles, and those who are six years old, who are less sedentary, so are three-year-olds who can wear stockings alone, but that is not the characteristic. No need to worry about neighbor Misike, who is exactly the same as our baby, is already wearing the zipper jacket alone, and our kid is regularly mixing which jacket to insert which arm. Perhaps Misike's social skills are far below those of our child, but of course Misike may be superb in everything. Absolutely no matter. The point is do not force anything, but let the child be impressed. It is completely unnecessary and even harmful to say that "you have to put on your shoes for so long!" arrуl also says that there is no need for a child so heavily in the parent, It also has a security side, so it often happens that the enthusiasm is fading. If your child is anxious, tired (for example, in the morning) and in need of a little babysitter, then do not make a prestige request that you are not willing to do the only thing you know about yourself. Let's put our hands to our hearts: on a cold, dark, morning morning when it is hard for us to hatch out of bed, do we sometimes want someone to do it for us, make it, arrange it, guess it? Why would a kid do that? A certain line of research has proven that children who do their own homework at home (of course, according to their age), they are more balanced, have better social relationships, learn better, are more engaged with themselveslike their peers who don't do anything around the house. It is also because of the increasing help, the active members of their families, the responsibility and the positive image of their family. It is important to emphasize that this is just a highlight, not an engraved rule! Every child has another, always take into account the individual tempo, gentleness, curiosity.At age 2:
  • unpack your games with help
  • put laundry in the laundry bin
  • getting to know sweeping, washing
At age 3:
  • Unintentionally stacks up after yourself (places toys, things in the right places)
  • put the clothes on the right guys
  • you start to use kitchen utensils and kitchen utensils correctly
  • Welcome to Cooking: Cooking Factory, Oven Yogurt, Pan
  • water the plants
At age 4:
  • he alone designs the table
  • Collects dirty dishes and puts them in the sink
  • washing only narrowly, easily washable things
  • he stays away, tidying up himself afterwards
  • jugs pour out the water
  • he starts to learn petting
  • feeds the cat / dog
  • he begins to learn how to use a fork
At the age of 5-6 years:
  • doing more and more independence, better, more honestly
  • you can make a simpler sandwich for yourself
  • Folds simple things like turquoise, tertio, napkin
  • you clean the grass by grating cheese
7-8 years old:
  • likes to work in the kitchen, to help with cooking and cooking
  • porszнvуzik
  • mop
  • sewing with simple cost
  • You put down the bed, put it on


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