How long can you wait for a baby project?

How long can you wait for a baby project?

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Get your diploma first. The apartment, the stable. The appointment. The second diploma. Okay, but don't spend too much time with it. What you mean by "too much" is worth giving you a look at a simple series of exams.

How long can you wait for a baby project?

As the years pass, men's and women's fertility is reduced - bar not necessarily the same amount. The women's biology program predestines the fertile age to reach the age of 47-49. An average woman has about 450-500 menstrual cycles in her life. If everything is OK…

Low battery!

The newborn baby has several thousand thousands of ovaries in their ovaries, and their number gradually decreases until adolescence, and then rises from about 12 to 47 years old every month. That would be enough for the baby you want, but sometimes you talk about life unnoticed. It is not a condition or condition that is associated with ovarian fatigue. You may develop an autoimmune disease, which means that due to the body's own abnormal immune response, prospective egg cells are being taken over.
Early-onset pelvic inflammation (most often chlamydia can cause the problem. Some developmental abnormalities can lead to premature loss of fertility.

Let's examine it

Checking your hormonal status is a must, so one You should definitely count the blood. In addition, a specialist examination is pending. Finally - within about three weeks - you get the result, what condition your ovaries are in, and a professional estimate of how long you can count ovulation. The expert report will show you if you are still thinking or need to do it now to have a natural baby. Of course, this is only your side!

And the boys?

Luckily, the baby needs a guy, so he can't survive with his hands full, because his cap may not be sharp. Simply, you shouldn't have to pass the fertility test. You will need a sperm test, which reveals how productive the on-dowels are. At least 15,000,000 sperm are expected per milliliter, according to the latest WHO guidelines.
But it is not just numbers that are important to the practitioner: the movement and shape of the sperm is an important indicator of fertility. The expert advice you receive here can give you an idea of ​​the current state of affairs, nobody apologizes in the first place, because sperms are constantly being produced, but unfortunately, any time we get into the grain of the machine ...
Szaktanбcsadуnk Dr. Fülöp Istvn Medvedic and Endoscopic Specialist, Head of the Medbury Center at Roberts Kбroly Magazine
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