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Make a garage!

Make a garage!

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What's the difference between playgrounds, games and field socks?

They reproduce very quickly. The number of toy cars and plushes we have is exponentially increasing as the number of children is born, despite the fact that we occasionally carry a bag or offer a raffle to our parents. As luck would have it, we generally regain all of it, adding to the collection with a few cute little plush figures or a car that can't roll.

Make a garage!

Out of the cars, especially the bulky ones that take up half of the nursery, and of course the carpet has to be arranged because they don't fit into the box.
However, I like the little flyer cars and the backhauls (or is it the same?) And the matchboxes. Of course, my little boy has a significant collection of these too, and the pets have to be lined up on the parquet floor, and they can't fry in the box.Well, these little beasts are at least as remarkable as carpet-scattered LEGO elements, with the exception that in the case of LEGOs, you can next to a sleeping kid and stepping on a small car we just throw a backpack that we can't work for quite some time.Well, after such an unintentional silence I decided to make a nice little car garage. We have also recycled it in the meanwhile. What you need is:
  • fruit bite
  • papнrgurigбk
  • colored paper
  • glue, paint
  • First, we clean the glue from the glue, paper towels. To do this, you can use a spatula or a needle to help, and then smooth the surface with sandpaper.The side of the chalkboard is painted to any color.The paper roll is glued on a colored sheet of paper.We stick the goggles in the back of the wall and stick them together.And we're ready! Cars can move in.You can find Anikу Rбcz's blog here.
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