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Third trimester histories in the target line

Third trimester histories in the target line

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The last third of the excitement has arrived. The majority views this period as the most difficult months of pregnancy, mainly due to physical changes.

Physical changes

The female body weight reaches its maximum in the third trimester, its energy is less and less, since he can't sleep comfortably, relaxing for months. Because of the size of the abdomen and the growth of the abdomen, the movement can be cumbersome and strenuous. Many women get wet, they can develop varicose veins, the urge to gnaw, and the head to burn. Youtube can also be experienced during this time period. in the process of gradually changing bodily changes, they try to adapt and feel good in the skin anyway.In any case, the whole body is increasingly ready for childbirth.

The third trimester

Emotions will evolve over time, but one of the physical changes is that many people think that they make their homes, homes, paint, rearrange, baby-friendly. The woman in love is in this final stage do not do any major work, don't hang on top of the ladder with a window.What to do anyway ...
All women need to be pampered: foot massage in the evening, fine baths, fun programs. Let's meet the people who are important to us for the last time, and it will probably be a lot more time for us to just come in and talk somewhere.… And what surely not?
Being over 36 is generally not working anymore and is doing very well: avoiding stress, weight, any situation in which we feel uncomfortable.


In the third trimester of pregnancy, as in the previous trimesters, ultrasound examinations are carried out at weeks 30 to 32, with blood and urine tests. Pregnant women are also screened for Streptococcus bacteria at 36 weeks.
From week 36 onwards, a CTG or NST examination should be performed weekly.
Many people are very curious about the baby's traits during this period (and you can already see them well), so it is worth bringing the 3D, 4D baby cinema to the start of the third trimester.

The fetus

By the end of the trimester the baby reaches 50-55cm and approx. 3-3.5 kilograms. Perfect for outdoor life, but babies born before the age of 37 are considered premature. there is less and less room they move less frequently, but more forcefully. Most recently, most babies are turning upside down. The fairy dolls are usually reversed during this period as well.

Emotions and mental processes

In the last few months, I usually pack the hospital package. Those who will be born at home buy the home package and put it together. In addition to the parenting kit, baby clothes and other accessories needed for the newborn can also be purchased and assembled. The adventurous woman, as her date of birth draws near, is inspired by self-styled lovers: cleaning, washing, ironing, new things to make the home more beautiful. All of this is very important for the spiritual: preparing for the baby's welcome, attunement to the new role. Whenever doubts arise, we definitely talk about it. The parent is most respected, even if you are responsible for the event, prepared for the event. In the last period, we can make a birth plan by talking to your doctor about what you want and what is best to avoid. Every fear can influence the beginning of the birth, and even the birth process itself, so it is not worth frustrating them. then they can also decide otherwise and the end of a lifetime means. At the same time, the life of a childless couple is over, and they have families with children, the mother of the three, the father of the male. And at that very moment, revelation is coming to an end. This is also the release period. It is never easy, the beginning of something always means the end of another thing. We need to release our baby before she can give birth. These are tense sensations: we want to know who is living in us at the same time and want to continue this period at the same time. Blood and Fear, Curiosity and Anxiety are present at the same time in the adventurous soul. natural physiological processbut as simple as it is complicated. The body and the souls, the baby and the mum must work together to make the birth process possible in the most natural way possible.What to do anyway ...
We also look at our spiritual processes at the end of pregnancy. Let's try to tune in to birth, relax a lot, meditate, relax.
Don't just worry about getting pregnant: getting ready for breastfeeding. If we are unsure of what to get and what is superfluous, we may be asking for breastfeeding advice right now.
Let's think about what we need to help in the early stages of childbirth. Let's organize, ask, ask for help! Talk to your couple about how baby visits are. Let's make the first days of home together as best we and our baby can.… And what surely not?
Let's eliminate all stress and bad thoughts. Don't let anything get you insecure. A fantastic adventure blood for us, trust us and our bodies! You may also be interested in:
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