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One in four young people with mental health problems in Germany

One in four young people with mental health problems in Germany

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Every fourth German suffers from a mental illness, most with anxiety and depression. Girls are more likely to become depressed.

One in four young people with mental health problems in Germany (photo: iStock)Based on data from the DAK in Germany, 800,000 young people between the ages of 10 and 17 are found to have 24 percent suffering from some kind of mental illness, the Index reports. Two of them have already been diagnosed and treated with depression, and the same number of people with anxiety disorder have been treated. According to the research, the rate could be similar across the entire German population, 238,000 children may suffer some mental illness. The most common diseases affecting young people are mental illnesses, ranked No. 5, respiratory diseases, infections, and skin diseases, according to the research. The difference between the two begins to become effective at the age of 14 years. Young people provided with DAK are treated with 17 percent of antidepressants, and 8 percent have received hospital treatment for mental illness.
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