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Why are some people kinder than others?

Why are some people kinder than others?

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There is a reason that some people are kinder and less educated than others. The difference is in the activity of the brain: the areas responsible for the empathic impulses are more active in the kind, friendly, helpful people.

Why are some people kinder than others?

It depends less on the circumstances and more on our individual abilities, how empathetic we are. UCLA's two studies also deal with that what increased brain activity they are experiencing in certain areas, unidentified people.
Let's call people altruists who don't always have their own interests in mind, but others. "It looks like altruism has a deeper genetic causethan we ever believed. Not only do these frameworks seem to be given to a certain extent, but in principle they can be manipulated as well: closing certain brain areas can make a person more empathetic, "says the research leader. Dr. Leonardo Christov-Moore, a fellow at the University of California, Los Angeles.
In the first research published in Human Brain Mapping, a short film was shown to 20 contributors showing a hand pricked with needles. They then asked them to mimic the facial expressions in the photos they shared: happiness, sadness, excitement.
Throughout the exercises, brain function was monitored with the help of fMRI, with particular reference to the amygdala, somatosensory cortex and anterior amygdala. These are the areas that reflect pain and sensation. In addition, two other areas were examined: the prefrontal cortex, which controls behavior and impulse control.
According to experts, brain activity in these areas greatly influences how altruistic one becomes.
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