Szenzбciу! I got my first baby three

Szenzбciу! I got my first baby three

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The first child to be born in the world was born with artificial fertilization in the world, according to a New Scientist journal.

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By day, the baby has a large portion of its genetic state from its parents, a tiny fraction, the so-called mitochondrial DNA, is derived from a donor, so the baby has a bi rйszйt. Because the mother's DNA has a mitochondrial defect that can be transmitted later, another fertile egg, a healthy mitochondrial egg, has been used to prevent genetic disease. This oocyte has lost its nucleus, that is to say the overwhelming part of the female's genetic condition. They replaced the defective genes. American doctors helped a Jordanian family with the method, and the mother would have transmitted the mitochondrial disease Leigh syndrome to her child. The mother nйgyszer you have already elvetйlt korбbbi terhessйgei sorбn йs kйt gyermekйt - hatйves йs eight hуnapos - elveszнtette - olvashatу BBC News honlapjбn.A Leigh szindrуma the nervous system kцzponti leйpьlйsйvel jбrу sъlyos neurolуgiai rendellenessйg that йvente least 40 thousand ъjszьlцttet sъjt.A szьlхk the йs family travels to Mexico for fertilization, where the law does not prohibit this method. that their colleagues had created five embryos with the method, but only one developed normally. Zhang and his group will discuss the case at an October meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.