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Gluten Free Foods: A Change in Regulation

Gluten Free Foods: A Change in Regulation

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The mandatory notification procedure for "gluten-free" and "very low gluten" foods will be discontinued as of July 20, 2016.

Gluten Free Foods: A Change in Regulation

In the future, food manufacturers may add "gluten-free" or "very low-gluten" food labels, which have been used in the past, so that new expressions may appear on the packaging.It will cease on July 20, 2016 the category of foods for particular nutritional uses, such as in the case of gluten-sensitive products results in a change. In the future, manufacturers and distributors do not need to notify their efficacy if they intend to market foods that are intended to be gluten-sensitive. In parallel, a new rule for gluten-free and reduced gluten content is being implemented. The new rule maintains the essential elements of the previous regulation by adding a few points.

What do they say on food labels?

1. The statement "gluten-free" may only be used if the food contains no more than 20 mg / kg of gluten. This qualification is applicable to naturally occurring gluten free products.2. The term "very low gluten" may only be used if the food contains no more than 100 mg / kg of gluten and the product contains one or more of corn, rye, wheat, oats, or their crosses which has been specially formulated to reduce the gluten content.3. Food information may be expressed as "may also be consumed by gluten-sensitive persons" or "may also be consumed by persons suffering from celiac disease". If the йlelmiszert specifically ъgy gyбrtottбk that йlelmiszer glutйnt tartalmazу цsszetevхjйnekglutйntartalmбt csцkkentettйk or glutйnt tartalmazу цsszetevхt mбs, helyettesнtettйk glutйnmentes цsszetevхvel termйszetes mуdon, the cнmkйn a "specially glutйnйrzйkenyek szбmбra kйszьlt" or "specifically coeliakiбban szenvedхk szбmбra kйszьlt" kijelentйsek also feltьntethetхk. 5th Gluten-sensitive are overwhelming, but not all of them can contain oats in their diets without adversely affecting their health. There is a serious problem with oat gluten contamination of oats, which is why the oat gluten content in "gluten-free" or "very low gluten" products has been regulated by the legislation. Foods labeled with gluten-free or very low gluten content may contain only oats which have been specifically cultivated, processed, or processed with wheat, rye, vermicelli or wheat during their cultivation, preparation and / or processing. impurities and with a gluten content not exceeding 20 mg / kg.

What does this mean for consumers?

Gluten sensitivity, or, to a lesser extent, gluten sensitivity, is an autoimmune disease which, on a genetic basis, can lead to provocation, abnormal bowel structure and absorption disorders. Nowadays, the classic appearance of the disease has become rarer and has been a more frequent form of the symptoms, which can occur at any age. In the case of diagnosed gluten sensitivity, the basis of the therapy is the lifetime gluten-free diet. Foods that follow the diet should be classified into three categories:
  • they must contain gluten (eg water buns)
  • potentially containing gluten (eg, yoghurt, salad mixes, mycelia products)
  • gluten-free for sure (eg egg)
  • This utуbbi kйt kategуria elkьlцnнtйse the glutйnйrzйkeny egyйnek szбmбra kulcsfontossбgъ that kцnnyen megoldhatу.Egyйni tolerance szinttхl fьggхen ellбtott the "glutйnmentes" or "very low glutйn tartalmъ" on the termйkeket glutйnintoleranciбban szenvedхk fogyaszthatjбk exact йs fast бttekintйsйvel the йlelmiszercнmkйk - fьggetlenьl it may kiegйszнtх "may also be consumed by gluten-sensitive people" or "people with celiac disease". It is important that the words "specially made for gluten-sensitive" or "specially made for people with celiac disease" can also contain foods with a maximum content of 20 mg / kg and 100 mg / kg of gluten. rye, бrpa, oats, tцnkцlybъza, kamut or hibridizбlt fajtбik nevйt a szedйssel the цsszetevхk felsorolбsбban - pйldбul betыtнpussal, or stнlussal hбttйrszнnnel - to point out that it elkьlцnнti egyйrtelmыen the tцbbi цsszetevхtхl.A kцtelezх vonatkozу the glutйntartalomra tбjйkoztatбst not elхrecsomagolt йlelmiszerek esetйben the fogyasztуk however, due to the possible occurrence of contaminated gluten, it is advisable to handle non-prepacked foods with care. It is important that gluten in this case, read the food labels!
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