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Feet And Growth Pain: Can It Be Prevented By Stretching?

Feet And Growth Pain: Can It Be Prevented By Stretching?

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Surprisingly many children are affected by so-called growth pains, which often occur at night. What to do with these?

In the long run, it is worth noting that growth pain is not really a sign of growth in the limbs - although it is true that, in general, it is completely lost when the child reaches full height. The problem is quite common, and every third child between the ages of 3 and 12 can experience it at least once. Pain in the legs or thighs usually occurs at night and may be so intense that it may disturb the child during rest. However, by the morning you can go completely.One-third of children may be affected by growth pain Symptoms of growing pain:
  • muscle pain in the defect, around the knee or in the front of the thighs (both affected)
  • in the early evening or at night, he wakes up in the morning
  • the pain may be relieved by movement
  • the onset of pain is random, but it can also occur in waves (eg, for a few weeks at night, then not at all)
It is not known exactly what causes the pain of growth. According to experts, fatigue, overeating, stress or low pain can play a role in the appearance. you can even prevent them with a special set of exercises The child is lying on his stomach, bringing the heel to the buttocks (we carefully hold the foot in the correct position) and then lift the thigh several times in succession. Also lying on the stomach, raise the child's head so that it bends the knee 90 degrees. The toe should be perpendicular to the valve. Carefully press down on the toe to open the muscles of the foot. In the last exercise, the child should lie on his back and we should lift the heel to open the thigh muscles as well.The exercise should be done twice a day. (Via)Also worth reading:
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