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Folic acid, a useful vitamin

Folic acid, a useful vitamin

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Surprisingly soon, since the twelfth or thirteenth week, the fetus seems to be a perfect little person for the uninitiated, too.

Folic acid, a useful vitamin

From then on, it becomes more and more functional, which with the help of state-of-the-art technology is brought to the eyes of crazy parents. But in the first few weeks of gestation, when only a few millimeters of small embryos, vital organs, vital organs are formed. A very important talent is the Hungarian, Czeizel Endre and the scientific results attached to the names of his colleagues and others, which have been confirmed by numerous developmental abnormalities affecting these important organs can be reduced, the risk of an open spine, cerebral cranial and cerebral palsy.As this stage of development is pregnancy first few weeks ends when most of the toddlers are still unaware of the expectation, according to the recommendations considered to be valid at present, two to three months before pregnancy Eating foods with higher levels of folic acid, or taking fetal vitamins and possibly folic acid tablets. You should not worry about overdosing, as this is a water soluble vitamin (the excess is eliminated). However, in very rare cases of anemia associated with vitamin B12 deficiency, folic acid intake may mask the symptoms, so in the case of doubt, it is best to take the advice of your home doctor or your chosen parent. In the first month of fetal development, we can influence the development of folic acid by developing folic acid. Folic acid not only prevents the development of birth defects, but also has a beneficial effect on the mother who consumes it. Reduces the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and colon cancer!


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