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Another positive effect came from the good father-girl relationship

Another positive effect came from the good father-girl relationship

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Many positive effects on the father-girl relationship have been known so far, but it has now come to light from research that girls who have close relationships with their dad are less lonely in school.

Another positive effect came from the good father-girl relationshipGirls who have a close relationship with their father by the time they reach school, they can better cope with lonelinesslike those who don't have tight ties - that comes out of a new research.
A professor at Ohio State University, in the lead of the study, said: "The relationship between the father and the girls is very important. close bonding also helps the girls feel a sense of defiance about themselves. This safety alert also helps them make friends easier. In the research, 695 family members participated, the children attended the first year of school when they were asked about privacy. Results from the Journal of Family Psychology show that the closer the father-girl relationship is, the lower the loneliness of the child. Of course, as time goes on, there will be autonomy and there will be more conflicts over the parent-child relationship. But the results of the research show that the father-girl relationship has not lost its conclusion even today, and that these girls are better at school.
Nearly mothers-to-be have fewer currencies to experience the privacy, research adds. According to the head of the research, the situation is also with the mother-girl relationship, because the mothers are always primarily responsible for the weekly tasks, while the father enjoys more freedom in child-rearing and how you relate to your parents. Probably because the father is looking for their girls, and their sons are primarily expected to stand out. Researchers encourage the father to spend a lot of time with their children. Professor Feng added, "Pay attention to your senses, especially if you are sad or unhappy, and help them cope with their senses.
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