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Viki Marút grew up in front of our eyes, more precisely in our ears. The singer of the indestructible voice, the narrow lioness and the owner of the irresistible, brilliant smile, the singer of the band Nova Kultur will soon be able to bring her first child.

Marуt Viki (27) Singers
Fйrje: Бdбm
Band: Nova Culture
plates: I can't forget, Party in Culture, A Little Motion, Retro
Babбja: Бdбm (December 2010)To my great surprise, when I arrive, I find Viki in the kitchen, in the midst of a huge zigzag. Despite his young age, he does a great job of cooking in the kitchen garden and not losing the rich produce, he takes it very far. In our honest conversation, we talk about the frantic bloodline, the cheat, and the real world.

- What was your first reaction when you found out that you were expecting a baby?
- I was very happy because I was waiting for this moment. Although we really wanted a baby, we didn't expect it at the time, because I had a miscarriage shortly before. So I barely dared to believe the positive test, but my brother insisted that after all this time he could not be old. I checked in with the doctor in the morning, and after two days we could listen to his little voice. In the beginning, we did not dare to live up to it at first, so we always pick out another milestone: the eighth week, the genetic test, the twelfth week. For the same reason, I didn't dare tell anyone, and of course I didn't want to talk about it in the media, but somehow it happened. Probably on a photo shoot, where I denied a match for a gym guide. I was very angry, but fortunately everything went well, and there is a lot of congratulations from the fans all the time.- Has your name already been agreed?
- Because his name is complicated, we try to find a short name. They will call me my father, just like his father, which sounds just fine, but my brother has never had a problem with it, even when he was a kid. But I stick to my second first name, Samu, because I really like it because of the sound of the guy.
- You also have a lot of growing tummy tuckers, and you seem to feel great. Has that been the case since the beginning?
- Luckily, the more serious ones have been avoided, and I really feel great. My work does not mean daily work, so I did not have to stop. Although, I feel like I need more and more time to take a break, so I plan to do it for the eighth month if everything goes well.
- Is there something you had to give up and go missing?
- I have given up, but since I have very low blood pressure, I have been heartbroken. That's why my doctor confirmed that I had just decided to indulge in the morning milk. I don't like onions from the beginning, but nowadays my tomato and pepper are my stomachs too, so unfortunately I have to neglect my favorite Hungarian foods, but I will burn them!
- Your slim body was envied. How are changes in physical fitness affected by fatigue?
- Very positive! My baby image was not conscious, and I inherited such a pattern. I could eat as much as I could, I didn't get any rounder. On the other hand, maturity is a real, grown-up mattress, and it is really crazy about my curvaceous body parts, my smooth face. Of course, I'm not tired every day when I look in the mirror, just as there are other days like this, but that doesn't change the gist. I always found my babies to be beautiful, radiant, and everyone's face was delighted with the radiance that shone on her face, the curvaceous tummy. It's wonderful that all of this is happening to me now ... that I'll be a mom.- How do you prepare for motherhood?
- I talk to my mom a lot about what she did and how she did it back then. It is also quite contrary to views and principles of education, and it is not easy to adjust. For example, weddings say things like what they said to my mom when I was little. I trust that I can find my own path. I am interested in psychology and the approach of motherhood in this regard. I am very sympathetic to Zsuzsanna Vajda's book, Psychology, The Man and the Puppy, which considers sober education to be bitter, and offers a practical and useful resource. Since I know I will have a baby, I read diligently about the Pregnant Mother and learn a lot from her. I also find it helpful to take birth and life-saving courses, and I want to take part in them - just because the classic case has happened to me: I almost drowned in an apple. I was getting ready for a baby boy too, but nowadays somehow I don't like moving out of my house, I'm fine with my books and thoughts. I don't feel strong enough about it.
- Do you have a baby in your environment who might be able to "practice" before making a live intervention?
- Now, three and a half years old, I have played a lot, and have had a good time with the baby tongue. I have handled all of Mirci's tiny babies, but I didn't use much violence to bathe or bathe, which I am a little sorry for afterwards.
- Do you have any idea what a mother you will be?
- My mom was very strictly educated, and I wasn't expecting it, of course, but now I know she did it very well because it came in handy. I learned to keep order, to clean, to cook. I'm going to pass on the same values. I think the system is very important in the baby's life. I, too, want to consistently, with my boundaries raised, raise my child, but I will not swear that I will not melt completely in my arms ... I will have to find the balance, I will have to get used to being a mom. You also have to learn this. And I think the parent also learns about the baby: I will try to pay attention to what he says to me.- The wagon runs with you: Weren't you afraid of your career?
- It's not easy, I have made a lot of sense of whether I'm going to need it, but I don't want to sacrifice motherhood in my career. No more important for a woman, that's the order of life. And if I was told that I had to do something else, then I had to. At the moment, I plan to take action again this spring, as these are not a constant activity, and it looks like they will be competing more for the little grace in the family. Fortunately, I am in the position that grandparents and my neighbor's grandmother have offered to help. And my husband said, he takes the part out of everything.
- Is it a little early to ask, but are you planning to have more children?
- Yes, absolutely. I have two of my own! As my half-brothers and I were very old, I grew up almost single-minded, and that is why I am attracted to the idea of ​​a big family. In the case of my brother and my nephew, I see how intimate a relationship can be between siblings. My mother thinks it is very good to raise more children if the parents are in agreement, and otherwise the child will always find loopholes. It will not be simple, but it is certain that a mother and a father will always find something beautiful in their child. I look forward to the developments!


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