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Children's Island 2015: Free Super Programs Again June 6-28 June between the kids in the Hajgygyri!

Children's Island 2015: Free Super Programs Again June 6-28 June between the kids in the Hajgygyri!

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Manes, Artists, Environmentalists, Explorers and Modulators, Little and Big - Direction of the Hajjeri Island, all June!

Children's Island is here again! (Photo: Children's Island - FB Page)

This year, too, a free series of programs awaits children and parents on Generali Children's Island - June 6-28 - at Hajgyabri. In addition to the popular Judit Halabsz, Kolompos, Alma, Gryllus and other big stage concerts, there will be crafts, a circus classroom, a craftsman, an explorer, Rippel's Movement Academy and more. We will teach the children to discover and protect the environment, to travel, to eat healthily, to dress, to spin, to cuddle, to fudge, to juggle the older ones, to play art.
Early this summer, this year will also see exciting programs on the Generali Children's Island. In addition to the concerts of your favorite performers, there will be performances on the main stage, children's opera, sports performances and, of course, performances in the theater. In the Poronty Circus, not only do you look beautiful, but if you are interested, you can also participate in the Bohuchin, and you can also get to know Béla Workshop musicians with special, unique instruments and also with them. Anyone who loves to hang out in the woods, crawl in the water, jump on soft rocks, feed a lull and a lioness on our own - come and visit us. The Bohu Home Furnishings can taste the finest cloth soup, try the most elastic belly door, read the fastest flying book, make the most beautiful book
Specialists at museums that showcase nature and life at Children's Paradise show exciting, animal specials and have great conversations with children around the world. You can hear from environmental educators, see animal and plant curiosities that are sure to make the world even better. Everyday special activities and programs await the children and their parents on the "kofatér", where you can get acquainted with fragrant spices, colorful, fresh fruits and vegetables, marketable goods and many. Museum programs will also be linked to environmental education, of course, and in an exciting, creative way, professionals will become aware of the treasure and value of nature and the responsibility we have to protect it. The Miracle Palace will also move out and have the opportunity to cast off.
You can visit Generali Children's Island for free at 40 locations this year! For a detailed program, visit and regularly.