This baby is praised for me in an unexpected way

This baby is praised for me in an unexpected way

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Nowadays, when we like to plan everything in advance, it may seem surprising that half of the children are born from an unintended pregnancy. Unexpected little newbies could thoroughly upset the order of the days that had been so scarce.

In our little overhauled world, there is an equals sign between "the unexpected child" and the irresponsible, though if we look more closely at our acquaintances, we will certainly find couples who do not want to have a child. Of course, those two little blue stings at first glance also come with a smaller natural disaster. It depends on your life situation, your personality, how you survive the first shock.

"I was on the verge of fall ..."

Krisztina (30) and Szabolcs (36) expecting a third child who was as unexpected a surprise as their first baby. When I asked the husband, would he be happy to talk to me about his randomly-formed family, with a broad smile, all he said was: "Need a condom advertisement? If my wife declares, all women are immediately into drugs." It was revealed at the meeting that not only the humorous people keep the spoiled family together, but also the boundless love of children.

The unexpected reward - currency converts

Kriszta: When I got pregnant with Ann, I only knew Szabolcs a couple of months ago, who hadn't officially lost her first wife. We've been living more than 100 kilometers apart, we're just starting to plan to give up my job, and I'm looking for a new place somewhere near to move together. At first, I was very scared, mostly because of what Szabolcs was going to give her, but I was a bit afraid of my parents' opinions. All was well. Anna gave birth to a beautiful pink bag that loves lovers. Szabolcs: - From the very first moment I was scared of her. We really neglected to conceive, but if you had been so badly affected by a baby, you would have paid more attention. We talked about that child next year because he was so good together. It came a bit sooner ... But somehow it worked out well with our newborn baby: it was a matter of days, whether or not we had a third child. Kris: already in kindergarten, our son was ready to be a wicked boy, and I worked… Szabolcs: -… I also felt that our family was comforting two children. If Dorka didn't arrive by accident, we wouldn't have had more children. Krista: - Strangely enough, after we made the decision to have two, somehow I started to regret that you wouldn't have any more. However, when it turned out that I was pregnant, I had very mixed feelings. I couldn't figure out when I could get pregnant. Szabolcs: - Yeah ... Kriszta: - Pregnancy was the job of Szabolcs. So I was pretty angry too - though I don't know how much he noticed it because I couldn't talk about it, but for weeks I felt like it was closing the gate. I was on the verge of desperation. Our situation did not justify not "keeping" the child so much that it did not turn my head. For my comfortable life, it would have been very insistent to give up the little one. However, all my plans for the next couple of years failed. For a while the atmosphere was tense at home, we could not discuss the lighter requests personally, we just exchanged an e-mail with each other. I didn't know he was angry with me, but I thought it would be better to wait for the moment when we were talking to each other. I know him, there are situations that I can't help, his belly will grow, he'll lift a little bit, everything will be a little bit more uncomfortable, but all of this will turn out. Krista: I'm not a real mother-to-be, I had to see it through the years. In order to be a good mother to my children, I also need to live my own life. In Szabolcs, however, I found a man I could rely on, if needed, and one who was good at treating my hormone changes ... you will continue to work part time after your baby arrives.)

He didn't wait, but he loved me

The certainty of an unexpected pregnancy is usually better for the soul of the woman, and in many cases the full responsibility lies with the woman, as it is sometimes the case that the little one conceives. But the situation is no easier even if the hubby or the family protests against the child, but the new mother insists. Either way, growing fetuses require attention and attention. It is best for moms and babies to have affectionate affection between the two of them. However, you do not have to cling to an ideal cake. Many are afraid that if the idea of ​​abortion was turned in their heads in the first period, it would almost stigmatize the elderly. The relationship between the mother and the fetus is very close, almost from the very first minute.But if you give time to answer the questions and agree that you are going to have a baby, then the child will be just as healthy an adult as planned. The harmonious development of small children raised in love, in an accepted environment, will not be overshadowed by the first few months of my life. - I was at my workplace just before my appointment, when I was struck by a lightning strike. My son and I didn't want a kid for a couple of years, they worked very hard, and in the meantime, we built our house. My first thought was that this child has no place in my life, and this is what my whole family agreed on. I resigned the doctor and made my decision with my husband. It turned out he secretly hoped he would. That was the best decision of my life! My son is one year old and we would like to have a little brother soon. (Kinga,32) Related articles in the topic of children:
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