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If you are йlettбrsak, you should know the palimony kifejezйst

If you are йlettбrsak, you should know the palimony kifejezйst

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Nowadays, it is not uncommon for couples to live together, not to marry, but to have a life partner. Some people do not care about paper at all and will not marry after children are born.

The palimony can come in after a specialist

Life relationships can be as strong as marriage, and here we are not just talking about feelings. Because when it comes to expertise, they can claim maintenance on their own they live in a life partnership, just as they were married. We have only a few years in our country - the hvg says. THE palimony is an English expression, pal (in Hungarian) And it is Alimony Words were created by the fusion of words. In the United States, there are about 40 years of tradition in the palimonywas introduced in Hungary only in 2014, when the new Citizen's Law came into force. THE palimony enables former life partners to claim maintenance from one another. But of course, there are conditions, not a few.

The terms of the palimony

1. Living partners must live together for at least one year before moving ,.2. They need to prove their relationship. It is not enough, if they live together, that a notary must authenticate their partnership statement. (It is also worth concluding right from the start of the relationship, as many municipalities provide some support for this statement, or couples can only participate if they have a formal life declaration 3). The person claiming maintenance must prove that he / she cannot support himself / herself.4. Maintenance cannot be claimed by someone who was aggressive, infidel or alcohol addicted to the life partnership.5. You can only claim maintenance until you enter into a new life partnership, marrying.6. Maintenance may be claimed for one year after the termination of the partnership. Maintenance is payable only if the payer does not endanger his or her own life or that of his or her children.They may also be interested in:
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