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Risk factors for early climax

Risk factors for early climax

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Nowadays, more and more women are confronted with early menopause and its symptoms, which, unfortunately, can make childbearing impossible. What can be done about this in the background? Dr. Gabor Hetinny, the Center for Nonsurgery, was asked to be censured.

Klimax at a young age

The menopause usually reaches the age of 50, which is better or less, but women can do it. Approximately after the age of 40, ovaries are constantly aging and completely ovariectomized within 6-8 years. By this time, women are usually one or more parents away, and even children are getting bigger, so women are ready to leave another chance of becoming pregnant.Most still improves fertility. Unfortunately, you can't really prepare yourself for it in spirit. There are some factors that have a higher risk. By the age of 30 you can start to have the menopause

Symptoms of early climax

  • Meddхsйg
  • Menstrual disorders or their complete cessation (this is a later phase)
  • Hхhullбmok
  • Ingerlйkenysйg
  • Increased sweating
  • Slack libido

Possible causes of early menopause

GeneticsIt is worth bearing in mind that if the family has had early climates, it may be prematurely introduced to us.Wrong lifestyleThe wrong way of life has countless negative returns. Early menopause is one of these. This is true for smokers, as it has anti-estrogenic effects. In addition, too low BMI can lead to early menopause, because estrogen is stored in the body. So, those below the normal BMI also have less estrogen, so the depots can be depleted sooner.Kromoszуma-rendellenessйgThere are chromosome aberrations that can also cause early menopause. Such as children are affected by Turner syndrome when one or more of the two x chromosomes are deficient. Because ovaries are more underdeveloped at this time, they may become prematurely exhausted, says dr. Seven Gabor, the Feminine Center of the Center for Nuns.Autoimmune diseasesRheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune thyroid problems can also be a problem, as the body turns itself on, which can affect the ovaries.EpilepsySome people with epilepsy may experience early menopause at some level, as they may develop premature ovarian failure. According to a study, only 1% of healthy people have early menopause, compared with 14% for epilepsy.

What can I do about early menopause?

If you want the affected child, it is very important that you examine yourself as soon as possible for the above mentioned factors, as the menopause can take years, and if you have a problem early on, you may get pregnant as well .If you want to eliminate the symptoms so you can try different natural methods, but if the complaints are very confusing and have an impact on your everyday life, hormone therapy is worthwhile.Now:You may also be interested in:
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