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We also call back Lactalis baby milk powders in Hungary

We also call back Lactalis baby milk powders in Hungary

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Baby milk powder made in the Craoni factory of the French Lactalis group is also recalled in Hungary, the National Food Chain Safety Authority (NIBI) said on its website.

We also call back Lactalis baby milk powders in Hungary Some of its products were previously suspected of being contaminated with salmonella, but some batches were called back, but according to Nabih's previous announcement, it did not affect Hungary. The Lactalis is now extended to all termйkvisszahнvбst termйkйre elхбllнtott the craoni gyбrban, fьggetlenьl the gyбrtбs idхpontjбtуl йs the termйktйteltхl, hangsъlyozva that in addition to kiterjesztйs dцntцttek.A babatejpor salmonella szennyezettsйgйnek due to reasons egйszsйgьgyi gyanъjбrуl 4 December йn йrkezett tбjйkoztatбs this your first time in the RASFF (the EU gyorsriasztбsi) rendszerйben what йn 11 riasztбssб minхsнtett the EU Bizottsбg - olvashatу the Nйbih honlapjбn.A hatуsбg azуta kнsйri hнreket the attention of the felmerьlt kockбzatrуl tбjйkoztatta humбnegйszsйgьgyi hatуsбgot йs started the szбllнtott Magyarorszбgra termйkek ellenхrzйsйt, the exact adatokrуl the lehetх legrцvidebb idхn from inside - included in the Nebih Communiqué.Related articles on Salmonella infection:
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