Safe Christmas

Safe Christmas

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Our first baby Christmas is also adding a new dimension to the preparation: the safety of our little baby and where to put it for Christmas?

Safe Christmas


The tree is knotted out of its stock with a thin but strong fishing line (available from fishing tackle). The wood in the room can easily fall out of the soles, especially if not only the beautiful grains but also the hands interested are adventuring through the daisies and pine needles.


Put it in a corner so it's on one side. Standing on a desk, it does not reach the little man, but let's not put down the space you can draw on you.


Strain the strainers into the apples and collect them outdoors (on the terrace) so you don't have to worry about sparks and the unpleasant smell stays in the room.


Hide the electric wires, connectors, and secure the sockets under the rug. Let's not forget the Christmas glow!


If you are expecting a great deal of wealth, your well-equipped bike can do a very good job: here, your baby will be able to view events more safely than hand-to-hand or hand-to-hand events.Related articles in Baby Christmas:
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