22 mistakes made by mothers with their first child

22 mistakes made by mothers with their first child

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Being a mother with a first child is not easy. Because you have no plans for what you will do with your baby, practice often creates unexpected situations.

There will be mistakes that you will make with your baby

"My friend is about to give birth, so this time I came to me when I was bathing my baby to ask a couple of things," a mother on blogs.babycenter.com begins. " I have a whole list of what I've broken, "she says. How does the perspective change after a light year and a sleepless night? Learn from the mother bib! But we have a bad voice, whether you want it or not, you are probably going to commit some of these!1. You leave the house without a diaper. I have a friend who once made two holes in a diaper and put it on a baby bag.2. You'll be nervous if you get off the agenda and falls out of sleep during the sun.3. You forget to take your dress with you. Murphy's law is that the day you leave home without changing clothes, your baby will unbutton his clothes. Once, a friend of mine ran into a baby shop with a naked doll and moved it there. They looked at the money interestingly… 4. You put your baby on the couch and turn his back on him. Babies love to hang out with you. Keep track of what is the moment when you are not paying attention and you just want to be breastfeeded.5. You make yourself a super-confident mother. Every once in a while I was proud of my baby sleeping well or eating well, things changed right away.6. You want to hurry up your ride. An experienced mother is better off listening to me and waking up while the baby is in one place.7. You cut off all the labels on your baby's first outfit. Needless to say, because she won't wear them anyway, she'll only be kicking around in the first few weeks of her life. You get stuck if you don't do something and don't do itas the books нrjбk.9. When you see little kids in the shop, you think, "no, it will never happen to me" - and you smile at the baby who sleeps in the stroller happily.10. You're worried about every single thing, every day.11. You think that insomnia literally ends your life.12. You immediately run to the doctor, every time your baby's nose runs.13. You found a mother who gave her iPhone to her toddler. You swear you will never do that.14. You buy all the baby doll toys, you realize that the baby plays much more with empty boxes, cutlery, wooden spoons.15. You're keeping your baby awake, because you think if you fall asleep, you will sleep better. But not. This never happens.16. You plan what healthy snacks you will eat and what you will play at dune, but only after you have cleaned up your entire home.17. You're in full heat for your baby's first birthday and are hosting a huge party.18. You won't leave the house in sleep.19. You think you'll always do things right.20. You turn around at night and you return all the mistakes to yourselfthat day. You think all babies are the same. But not. After my second child was born, I woke up to see how other babies are, even though they come from the same parents.22. You don't trust your new, inner voice. But you will find that you often get the best advice here. And what mistakes have you made so far? Let us know!Related Articles on Motherhood:
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