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Break - Can You Release Your Child?

Break - Can You Release Your Child?

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There are boys, girls, and men, and women who have not divorced their parents in their adulthood. Were these tight, inseparable ropes blocking them? Or is lack of self-confidence, fear of self-doubt, struggle, criticism?

It's hard to break

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Бrpбd at the age of fourteen, she began to close in front of her parents. When asked what happened at school, he shrugged and said it was nothing special. He didn't talk about his friends, his thoughts, anything that really interested him. She went and nodded to her mother as much as she could, and then came. He had conscientiously prepared a snack in the morning, whether or not the Spartan had to. Dressing up her clothes as a child, her boyfriend never bought what she was exposed to. Habba told Бrpбd that I'm nervous about this care, he just waited home with a spreading table, because he had a lot of meals if he was hungry or not. She was listening to the teachers in her reception, wondering if this kid was the son they were talking about? She was sobbing, complaining to her husband, who didn't see the problem as serious. One day, a seventeen-year-old Sparrow wrapped a little girl in her waist, not even showing it, just entering the boy's room. Her mother then He felt like he had lost the childwhom she fed from her own breast, dressed up like a baby, held her baby hand, helped her in her lessons, washed her, cooked her, and took care of her roulette.


Orpad's mother had a hard time bearing her child up and down. It was safer for him to hold on to his toddler's stubborn stubbornness than to argue with a reluctant teenager to find a new relationship. Neither he nor his son agreed to open conflicts or conflicts, and the agreement was sometimes a very tedious one. One of the linguistic tasks of adolescence at adolescence is: a Currency Currency Letter. The child on the pedestal, too, is gradually believed to be a real figure, along with its faults, faults, virtues, and values. This process is difficult to circumvent, so that the young person will be strong and self-determined, with the necessary self-confidence. The serpent, ha he feels handcuffs and obstacles in his struggle for independence, maybe it will be less casual, you want to look too big, it will speed up its breakup. On any side, adolescents that cause too many wounds can find it harder to repair open, honest, friendly adult relationships.


There are boys, girls, and men, and women who have not divorced their parents in their adulthood. They may have been overwhelmed by close, inseparable ties, or lack of confidence, fear of being unstable, fighting, critical criticism of their time. Most often, overly closed families they overcome such separation problems. Parents may also be afraid of the world, they have little contact, they only feel safe at home and with each other. They respond in a panic to young people's aspirations of self-aggrandizement, killing as if love, intimacy, legitimate independence strivings Later relationships are largely influenced by adolescent linguistic development, the success of a parenting letter, the independent judgments, the resolutions, which The young and grown young in the jacket can remain stubborn and shy, unable to experience their own values ​​and strength. The parent may save the wounds of the letter, the wins of a new relationship, and the girl or son The life of a dependent child is maintained for the rest of his life, but it certainly does not help to thrive.

Conflict conflicts

For the Fathers, some kind of letter-writing fight doesn't have to be inconvenient. The friendliness of conflicts depends on both the adolescent and the parent, and its onset begins well before puberty. Anyone who has been allowed to choose as early as childhood, gradually left to settle in the spirit of love, trust, will not necessarily be turbulent, bear parents, brute struggles, adolescence, nor sacrament. Where the child may be right, where the adult can ask for forgiveness, if he or she is ill or injustice. Obviously, in these families, adolescents have a lighter job because parents do not panic if they become more critical, hostile, and more obnoxious. They keep it and they say it puberty quarrels, conflicts, defiant shapes are still insecure in your strong personality.In these families, adolescents may have a harder time, who may respond with repulsion, coarser breaks, broad behaviors, or unwillingness to grow up. But it can be enough to raise a lucky young, well-off, well-off young person who can pass on the values ​​that he or she considers important, and then gain an adult friend who puts his or her mistake into the same. Of course, only if you let him strengthen, contradict, and grow up.


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