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Advent wreath with colored yarns

Advent wreath with colored yarns

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You can make a clean and elegant Advent wreath by following the description.

Melt the side of the candle slightly and press the golden, green and red twisted ends of the candle, then wrap the candle tightly and wrap the other end in the same way.
We filter the candles into a pine-lined wreath, three closely next to each other, one against the other, and plant the candles.
For decorating, we use gold-plated fruits, gold-painted star-shaped stars, plaster angels, and a white star hanging, attached to the wreath by a glue gun.
The outer, inner and upper sides of the wreath have a decorative effect. At the end, let the yarn used in the candles loosely be placed between the decorations.

Elegant Advent wreath

The Advent wreath photo and description came on the Baby Room toy.


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