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Because you make a mistake, you can be "good old baby"

Because you make a mistake, you can be "good old baby"

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It may be that things are so szбmнtanak йs the babagondozбsban gyereknevelйsben not kцzel than ever hittьk? According to one researcher, it is just enough to only do half of the cases the way they should.

Susan S. Woodhouse, Lehigh University pszicholуgusprofesszora the csecsemхkori kцtхdйs szakйrtхje ъgy vйli, it has already It is also the elegendх йppen pozitнv hatбs elйrйsйhez when only 50 cases nagyjбbуl szбzalйkбban reagбlunk megfelelхen for the baby's needs. In other words, it is not only one step to get your child off to a solid start in life.You don't have to be full Having the right mix has proven to have many benefits, including having a profound influence on social skills, self-confidence, self-esteem, and even workplace success. The right deal provides security for the little ones, because through this we learn that they can always return to the mother (primary carer), receive comfort and reassurance, and begin to explore the world. Woodhouse has studied 83, lower socioeconomic status mothers and babies at the age of 4.5, 7, 9 and 12 hrs. Couples were categorized according to the mother's choice for the sake of their child, and based on this, they rated the security as a safe choice. Analyzing the results, they came to the conclusion that babies have only learned that their moms are sure to have a "point" in their lives if the mother responded only half of the time. having children with lower incomes also has the opportunity to form an appropriate bond with their mother, which can protect them from chronic stress and other risk factors. " "said Woodhouse. "We found that it was not really important that the mother immediately recognizes what the baby needs, that is, the mother is able to give the 'right' answer every minute. Rather, the mother can be expected, when it comes to reassuring, and even when the baby needs a 'back door'. However, poor behavior megakaszthatta, negatively influenced this process: for example, if you had a baby on your own before the sting stopped; the rougher touch; loud and rude speech; spoken instructions for stopping flushing ("don't bite!"); or, if you give your baby negative marks because of the weight ("you are bad"). "When the mother did fearful or scary things, when the little brat, for example, was pregnant, bitter or threatened, the baby became insecure. Similarly, if the mother was afraid, they also increased insecurity. These included, for example, the mother acting as if she had left the baby somewhere, or if she had not rescued an aggressive brother, "Woodhouse said. Excessive maternal behavior may have increased baby insecurity: for example, if you didn't let the little one explore the world, or if you permanently interrupted, you might want to control the baby's activity. " breastfeeding, carrying, or organic food. However, these do not guarantee that the baby will perform properly. 'How' counts much better, explains Woodhouse. "Mothers and children not only get one healthy break,. There are different ways to achieve this goal. One of the important things to remember is that we need to be available, that is, to support our babies in discovery, and to provide them with security, protection and comfort when they need it. The other essential element is that you don't always have to give the maximum in everything. The babies are very lenient. Just enough if we're too young. "(Via)You may also be interested in:
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