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May I have a good start! We've collected a couple of current innovations to get you started. For boys, for girls, for little ones!

Hello Kitty pen case

Mummy moms know exactly where this cat puts the soft little pad, there is no stone left. It's easier to give in and try to choose the nicest piece of the current offer.

Angry Bird and Feathers

Grumpy birds are practically well-known by two-headed birds. You shouldn't be surprised if a high school student hears a thousand pounds.

Car booklet

The boys' favorite may be this quirky booklet. In addition to its graphics, it's also environmentally conscious!

Cheerful gym shoes

Kids can love this red virgin gymnast, which is also made of organic materials. If the ovi is current, it can also be used for ovis.

Patterned bottles

The little ones, from the many new stimuli, can pay less attention to drinking enough. These cheerful patterned bottles are easy to spot with their eye-catching colors, and enthusiastic novices can get hydrated sooner. Balloons for boys, wings for boys!


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