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Baby in the sun

Baby in the sun

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You can bathe again, sunbathe again, because the summer is finally here. The fun effect of sunlight on the body is well known. It strengthens the bones, heals certain skin diseases, protects the body and is full of energy.

Only go out with him for a day if he is not already burning

However, we also know that the ozone layer is becoming thinner due to the contamination, and unfortunately for living organisms, dangerous violet rays they are reaching out to us more and more. Remember, too, the jubilee has a lot.One of the body's defenses against the rays is the horn of the skin, which in childhood is thinner, thinner, easier to dry out than in adulthood. To prevent long-term disease, to avoid skin it is important to pay attention to a few things in the meantime. It takes about 10-20 minutes for them to sunburn or sunbathe, especially if they have light skins or light hair. Outdoors, they are best suited for pre-dawn hours, approx. 11 o'clock in the afternoon and 15 o'clock in the afternoon when the sun is not running. THE clothes for little ones be light, airy, cotton, and possibly white, which bounces off some of the rays. It is essential a light cap, little hat or umbrella if available. With the smallest ones, it is worthwhile to choose the lightest parts, because these skins are the most delicate. it won't make a difference if we don't get it on time, ie 20-30 minutes before departure. This is the time it takes for it to be absorbed and to work. For children, it is advisable to choose high factor formulations. The ..... is important after sunbathing hydration also, so the skin will not itch, scream, exfoliate, and the good health of the children, their peaceful sleep will be rewarded.Related Articles:
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