And what do you drink?

And what do you drink?

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Recent studies have confirmed that not only the diets consumed during pregnancy but also the quality of the fluids have an effect on health.

And what do you drink?

Recently, the results of a study based on a pair of data from 60,761 Norwegian mothers and infants have been made public, with the aim, among other things, of exploring possible causes of premature birth. We know that a consumption of sugary sweeteners is not healthyHowever, now the numbers have shown us how to drink regularly. Mothers who drank more than one drink a day increased their risk by 25 percent to those who had never consumed such drinks. THE high body mass indexes and in the case of small children, the consumption of one drink per week has increased the risk by 30 percent for those who have never drunk. The fact that it contained only artificial sweeteners reduced the risk but did not significantly. , but the lifestyle, a culture of nutritionArtificial sweeteners, which are not only found in beverages but also in foods, are not counted as having a carcinogenic effect. Therefore, the recommended daily upper limit for these sweeteners is (This amount for acesulfame-K is 15 mg / kg for adults and children, 400 mg / kg for aspartame, 5 mg for aspartame, / l). In contrast, natural sweeteners (such as honey) are not harmful to health. Sorbitol and, to a lesser extent, xylitol can also cause sensitive abdominal bloating and diarrhea, so consuming more than 30 grams per day is not recommended.
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